View Full Version : 50 below wind chill

01-31-2008, 05:56 PM
We have had the temperature of 50 below wind chills this week.

Today it warmed up to minus 5 below.

I love living here, but it makes me wish to be at WDW where it's warmer.:mickey:

Anyone else had it that cold this week?

01-31-2008, 07:46 PM
:eek: that is cold

Jeff G
02-01-2008, 12:56 AM
Yesterday when I woke up it was -15 with wind gusts of 40-50 MPH brining our windchills into the -50 range. The kids school was closed because with the snow the night before the roads were icy and the salt wasn't helping with the extreme cold.

Just think in just 4 months June will be here and temeratures will be in the 70's & 80's:).

Miss Mouse
02-01-2008, 01:35 AM
I feel your pain, DakotaDisney.

We live in Canada (Alberta) and, up until now, our winter has been relatively mild. This week, however, things took a rather frigid turn. The coldest of the mornings have been hovering around -36 without the windchill, but things are started to warm up very slightly. The other night we crossed the -50 mark too, but we've been hovering around -30ish or so (with the windchill) for the last two days. By the end of the weekend we should hopefully be sitting at a balmy -19.

Gotta love Canada.... :penguin:

Dakota Rose
02-01-2008, 09:50 PM
I'm in the Bismarck area, and it got to -44. But yesterday and today it was in the +20s. I don't know what's worse, tons of snow or 44 below. Needless to say I've spent much of the week daydreaming about Hawai'i and Florida.