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12-17-2007, 05:43 PM
Need so me info re: the special seating with dessert and coffee for Fantasmic. How do you make a reservation? How far in advance? How much does it cost? Info please? Feedback if you have done this . .

12-18-2007, 10:58 PM
Hey there, you can make reservations for Fantasmic Reserved seating through Disney Dining, 1-714-781-3463. I believe it's availble 30 days in advance (you can call them and ask for sure, or no doubt someone else will know for sure) and the price is $59 a person. It's a dessert box chock-full of goodies and there's a GREAT trip report (http://intercot.com/discussion/showthread.php?t=119050) courtesy of Bklynchick for you reading enjoyment.

Mrs Bus Driver
01-01-2008, 11:43 AM
After reading this thread and the trip report I made reservations for Fantasmic. DD and I will most likely stay for the fireworks to. I'll post in trip reports when I get back and let you know what we think. DD is 20 so I'm sure we'll have differing opinions. :mickey:

01-03-2008, 09:51 PM
Enjoy! You won't regret it as this was one of the highlights of our trip. It is fun being treated like a VIP. I was there in early December and got a dessert buffet instead of the dessert box. I think it would be great either way. I do recommend going to the check-in early a little before 7 (or whatever time they say you can start checking in). We went about 5 min early and there was already a bit of a line. So if you are concerned with getting seats as close to center stage as possible, don't be too late to the check-in.

01-06-2008, 10:21 AM
When I took my sister up on 12/27, we were on the train at about 10:30am and I was telling her about the special seating at Fantasmic and she was very excited, so I called right then (yep, on the train!) I was able to get two seats for the 10:30pm show!

Just a note, if you get all caught up in your day and, um, forget to stop by guest services outside the park and when you remember they are closed, don't panic. You can go to guest services on Main Street and they can give you your tickets. Whew!

We had seats in the back and to the side, not the best, but we could see everything and the dessert box was great. Lots of variety and yummy treats. They gave us as much cocoa as we wanted and it was the best experience to end our day. I highly recommend it! I do miss the balcony seating, but this was very fun and I'll definitely do it again.