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11-25-2007, 04:55 PM
We will be at MVMCP Dec 4 (only about a week away!! ). All of the local forcasts and weather.com say lows will be in the 50's or 60's.

However, I've heard some people on here say lows are in the 40s. Huh? How can this be if all the LOCAL stations and weather.com says 50's/60's?

We live in NC and 50's/60's to us is VERY nice...usually tshirt and sweatshirt weather (not jackets). What has your experience been recently with temperatures at MVMCP THIS year? thanks!!!

11-25-2007, 07:06 PM
For the most part, the temps are supposed to be an estimate, not exact.

Also, there is the wind chill that is usually involved to make it *feel* colder.

Today, I would have guessed it was about high 60's to low 70's - cool but not cold.

11-25-2007, 09:11 PM
We went to MVMCP a few days after Thanksgiving on two separate vacations. I donít remember the exact temperatures but both times daytime temps were in the mid 60s and low 70s but at night it got down into the low 50s, I believe it even reached the 40s just before dawn. Both times we were VERY cold at MVMCP wearing just sweat shirts. We made a lot of hot coco stops just to warm our hands.

11-26-2007, 08:06 AM
We leave tomorrow and are packing layers. I've always checked the forecast before we go and then packed for everything...warmer weather, colder times, and rain. Well, rain is our Disney rain ponchos.

We've done 2 trips in January and both times have spent half the trip in capri pants and tee shirts and the other half in jeans and sweatshirts.

I think layering is the way to go! You've got your sweatshirt if you need it off and then can take it off if you need to later in the day or if it is particularly warm.

Hope this helps and have a wonderful trip!

11-26-2007, 08:59 AM
Here's two links that may help you;

Weather thread (http://www.intercot.com/discussion/showthread.php?t=119394)

Weather info on info central (http://www.intercot.com/infocentral/weather/dailytemps.asp)

Hope you have beautiful weather and a :pixie: magical vacation!

11-26-2007, 08:59 AM
I suggest checking out the forecast thread in Vacation Planning (http://www.intercot.com/discussion/showthread.php?t=119394). :)