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Mrs Bus Driver
10-24-2007, 09:41 PM
Help I need to get a Goofy Hat. You know the one with the dangling ears. I can't go to DL and get one right now and have tried Disney.com. :search::help:Can anyone help me. Thanks:shop:

10-24-2007, 09:49 PM
Disneyland has an amazing shopping service that I have used several times. It's called Disneyland DelivEARS and they can get you virtually anything from inside the park stores or from Downtown Disney in no time. They can also help with returns of purchased items once you get home. Here's the info:

Disneyland DelivEARS
Hours 8am-5pm PST Monday-Friday
and 8am-4pm PST Saturday
Closed Sundays and Holidays

10-30-2007, 01:23 PM

It is like having a personal Disneyland Shopper all to yourself!

I have used them several times with absolutely no problems!