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Oct. 17, 1957 – The 2nd Zorro episode “Zorro’s Secret Passage” aired on ABC-TV.
Oct. 17, 1958 – The Walt Disney Presents TV show aired episode 2 of “Elfego Baca: Four Down and Five Lives to Go.”
Oct. 17, 1965 – The World’s Fair ended in Flushing, N.Y. The fair included four attractions developed by Walt Disney: General Electric’s Carousel of Progress, Ford’s Magic Skyway, Pepsi-Cola’s It’s a Small World, and the State of Illinois Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.
Oct. 17, 1994 - Oracle’s Information Highway opened in Innoventions East.
Oct. 17, 1996 – The Walt Disney World/Olsmobile Golf Classic began and would run through Oct. 20th.
Oct. 17, 1997 – The Disney/Touchstone Picture film “Playing God,” starring David Duchovny, Timothy Hutton, and Angelina Jolie, was released.
Oct. 17, 1998 – The Disney Channel Original Film “Halloweentown” aired for the first time.
Oct. 17, 2000 - Toy Story 2 was released into video stores.
Oct. 17, 2000 – Actor Don Rickles, the voice of Mr. Potato Head in both of Disney’s “Toy Story” films received a new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, Ca.
Oct. 17, 2004 – Walt Disney was honored at the 10th annual American Choreography Awards held in Los Angeles, Ca.

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