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Oct. 14, 1979 – The Disney TV show “Baseball Fever” aired.
Oct. 14, 1997 - Motorola reopened at Innoventions East after having the carpeting replaced.
Oct. 14, 2001 – Disney’s “Steps In Time” had its last performance at 6:15pm at the Hyperion Theater at Disney’s California Adventure.
Oct. 14, 2001 – Winnie the Pooh celebrated his 75th Birthday.
Oct. 14, 2001 – A set of stamps featuring Walt Disney and Disney characters were released in Portugal.
Oct. 14, 2003 – Matt Ouimet was named president of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Ca.
Oct. 14, 2003 – The Travel Channel aired “Disneyland Resort: Behind the Scenes for the first time.”
Oct. 14, 2003 – Buena Vista Records released Hilary Duff’s holiday CD “Santa Clause Lane.”
Oct. 14, 2004 – Bidding began on E-Bay for the Disneyland Haunted Mansion 1000th Ghost Experience. The winning bidder would have their own personalized “tombstone” immortalized at the classic park attraction. The gravestone would bear the winner’s first name and a humorous epitaph (inspired by the winner’s interests or hobbies) written and personalized by the team at Walt Disney Imagineering.
Oct. 14, 2006 – Disney’s new Broadway Show “Mary Poppins” made its debut at the New Amsterdam Theatre.

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