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Oct. 13, 1960 – Walt Disney returned to his boyhood home in Marceline, Missouri to help dedicate “Walt Disney Elementary” a new public school. Walt arrived for the dedication ceremony by train; the 1st time the Santa Fe Super Chief has ever stopped in Marceline. He donated playground equipment, and gave them a flagpole that had flown flags at the 1960 Winter Olympic ceremonies in Squaw Valley, Ca.
Oct. 13, 1962 – Actress Kelly Preston, Josie Jetstream of Disney’s 2005 “Sky High,” was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Oct. 13, 1963 – The Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color TV series aired “Fly with Von Drake.”
Oct. 13, 1978 – Mickey Mouse was awarded a star on Hollywood Blvd.’s Walk of Fame.
Oct. 13, 1993 – The Disney/Touchstone film “The Nightmare Before Christmas” had its initial release in New York. (General release was Oct. 22, 1993)
Oct. 13, 1995 – The Disney/Hollywood Pictures film “The Scarlet Letter” was released.
Oct. 13, 1995 – The Disney/Touchstone film “Feast of July” had a limited release in New York, Los Angeles, and Montreal. (General release was Oct. 20, 1995)
Oct. 13, 1997 – It was reported that Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida is taking a 2-year sabbatical from feature length films to work on shorts, “Fantasia 2000,” and restoration of films like “Beauty and the Beast.”
Oct. 13, 1999 – Van Arsdale France, who established the Disney University to train Disneyland Cast Members, died at the age of 87.
Oct. 13, 2000 – The Disney Channel Original Movie “Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire” premiered.

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