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10-09-2007, 06:20 PM
Well we ended off with having quite a night out :party: on part 3.

Thursday morning was pretty rough going. I drank quite a bit more than I normally would and lets just say.... I don't recover as quickly as I did when I was 21.

I was pretty slow moving but we still headed off to the Magic Kingdom for a few hours in the morning. JJ met us there on this day and we took our time and spent a fair amount of time in air conditioned attractions and shops. Maybe it was the activities the day before, but I swear, this had to be the hottest day of our vacation

Finally getting some food and sugar into my system, by 3pm, I was finally feeling human again.

Thursday night was designated girls night / boys nigh out. Us boys all went to the Sci-Fi diner for dinner, while the girls headed off to Park Fare at GF for a princess dinner. We were all very happy with these choices. As far as the kids were concerned, I don't think we could of picked better.

After dinner, we all met up to go see Fantasmic. I have to say, I was a little skeptical about this show. Having grown up by Disneyland and being there opening night for Fantasmic in DLR, I just didn't see how they could pull it off (my favorite is the Columbia with peter pan and hook fighting it out!)

But the show was really good. Definately had some different elements that makes it worth seeing. If I had to choose a favorite though. Disneyland's version wins in my opinion.

After Fantasmic, we headed back to the room. I have to give my kids some credit here. They both walked back to BWV with minimal complaining. We got home, had a snack and started to pack up.

We knew that going to the MNSSHP Friday night and transfering to the VWL on Saturday was not going to be fun, so decided to get mostly packed up before getting to bed at a reasonable time.

Friday morning, we headed off to Epcot and did the behind the seed tour. It was kind of interesting, but was too boring for our kids. We felt like we spent the whole time telling them get over here. Don't touch that. stay away from that... too much stimulating things that they "can't" touch. But at least it was not $50 each!

We headed back to the resort early to finish packing and get a nap in before MNSSHP.

Our kids went as Hook and Tinkerbell. Friends kids went as Peter Pan and Wendy. Made for some GREAT pictures!

We went to LTT for dinner. What a hoot. Loved the characters all in costumes and the kids were all too cute interacting with the characters. Pluto might of got a little bit more than he bargained for when he started to rile up the 2 boys.... it was hilarious. Pluto ended up grabbing a napking from the table, blowing his nose in it and rubbing it on my sons head! ROFL great pictures.

Well, when we got done with dinner, we came out and found ourselves trapped by the parade crowd. But we managed to find a spot where the kids could see really good. The parade started about 1 minute after we got to our spots. SO... really can't complain too much about that! After that we headed to claim a spot for the fireworks then spent the rest of the time in fantasyland and trick or treating.

The kids had a blast this year... lol their candy is still unpacked ;) they both filled both their pumpkins to the brim... and then some.

I have to say, we took the Alice in Wonderland trail and was wondering why all the characters had such long lines, except for the queen of hearts.

True to her character..... She pointed to my DD3 to which she replied I am Tinkerbell!!! The Queen of hearts gave her a thumbs down. Pointed to my DS5 Hook and gave him a double thumbs up. My daughter sure took it in stride, she really did not think too much of the queen. I think it hurt her feeling a little. As we left, my DS asked why was she so mean to DD. So we had to explain that she was just acting out her character..... Keep this in mind if you go with a toddler through this section... there is a route around her.

Well, over all, it was a very fun night. Had my closest encouter with the dream team this night.

I was walking through the emporium looking for the halloween pins, on my way to get a stroller after dinner, when about 10 feet in front of me, a family exiting the store was stopped by the dream team. They won a $500 shopping spree.

Missed it by (--------------) that much!

But was fun to see.

Saturday morning, we got up and finished packing and had our bags sent off to VWL.

Having stayed at 3 resorts this trip over 2 weeks. I can officially say... yes, it is a pain. But we were glad to have been able to stay at 3 different resorts. In the future... the most I would change would be once.

We could see staying at AKL for a couple of nights at the beginning (not unpacking) and then go to another resort for the rest of our stay. But that would be the limit of our resort hopping.... unless we were there for like 2 months. ;)

After having bell services pick up our luggage, we headed to Epcot until it was time to go to VWL.

So far, we all agree that WL is our favorite resort. What a beautiful resort it is. We ended up spending the rest of saturday at WL. Was able to get dinner at whispering canyon, which was a hoot. DS was stunned when he asked for some ketchup... and giggling as he returned the favor :D and you should of saw the look on the kids face when I got a large iced tea.... and then... the look on the waiters face when I drank it all and asked for more! ( i did tell him I was kidding quickly afterwards... good lord that is a lot of drink rofl).

Sunday morning, we headed to Typhoon Lagoon for a few hours. We were really surprised at how much our kids LOVED the waterslide parks. We definately figured they wouldn't care that much. We were wrong.

From there, we decided to take a cab (rather than fight the busses) to DTD and met JJ and his dad their and spent the rest of the afternoon there. They came back to our resort with us and spent the rest of the evening with us before heading back for the 9am flight home.

DW and I stayed up for a while getting all the souveinears packed up and enjoying the rest of our wine.

Monday morning, we were up by 7am and checked our baggage at the airline desk at the resort. Boy, it is soooo nice to be able to check your baggage at the resort and get your boarding passes. We specifically picked Northwest over Southwest this year because of this feature. It cost us less than $30 more and definately that perk alone was worth it.

So from there, it was off to the Magic Kingdom. Mostly the kids wanted to do some last minute pin trading with cast members.

What a great trip we had. Lots of great pictures and memories. :) Kids are already asking when we are going again. LOL (they don't know we book while we were there for the free dining again.)

But... we are going to Disneyland in June, so we "might" change our minds about a September trip to WDW.... NOT :thedolls:

10-10-2007, 02:54 PM
Awesome, thank you so much for sharing your trip with us!!

10-12-2007, 05:56 PM
Truly a wonderful trip and some great reports, Mooky! You and your family really packed the action in this time around. Thanks for sharing with us! :mickey:

10-18-2007, 09:56 PM
Well, at least you go to see the dream team in action! Sorry you didn't get selected - maybe next time!