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10-09-2007, 03:32 PM
I visited the Disneyland Resort Paris on Wednesday October 3 while on a family vacation to Paris (I did this on my own, as a I needed a day away from the in-laws and they are not the Disney fans that I am). I had pre-arranged tickets on the DLP website for a one day park hopper (which was $62, but is more now because of the exchange rate).

Travel: I took the RER from Chatalet Les Halles station in Paris. The RER is a busy commuter like train and it was packed a good deal of the trip out of the city - but after a certain point, there was hardly anybody on the train. But the convenience can't be beat - there's a train bound for and returning from DLP every 20 minutes or so. And at 12.50 Euros round trip, its a pretty good deal.

Arrival: My train was delayed a few minutes, but I still arrived 45 minutes before park opening (at 10 AM). Unfortunately, I didn't know that I couldn't go pick up my ticket at that point, as the ticket windows are beyond the security perimeter where they only let in resort guests for EMHs (DLP resort guests can get into DLP for an EMH). Around 9:40, they started allowing the rest of us in so I picked up my tickets. I saw that they were letting people into the DL park, so I quickly went in to grab some fastpasses, but found that they were still only letting resort guests past the castle hub. Anyway, my first order of business was riding Crush's Coaster at the Walt Disney Studios, so I quickly turned around and headed over there. It was just about 10, so they were letting people in. The queue for Crush's Coaster hadn't opened yet, but people we lining up....the soon opened the queuing area.

Overall Impression: while a lot of fun, the DLRP is not quite as magical as the US versions. CMs were nice, but the language barrier makes them seem a little less warm. Aside from the language barrier, there are small things that don't measure up. Food was mediocre at the CS places and the snacks/treats weren't all that exciting. There's a lot more gum on the ground than in WDW. A cast member gave me 25 pennies back in change because she didn't have anything else. The WDS needs a lot more to do (a ToT is about to open). I think that at a trip to France just to go to DLRP would be a bit of a disappointment, but spending a couple days while on a longer vacation is about the right amount of time.

Ride Thoughts (longest line of the day was 25 minuets for Crush because it was off-season)
WDS Rides

Crush's Coaster: AWESOME. I felt like I was floating. There's a neat dark ride section in the beginning, then you blast off through the coaster section. Smooth thrilling ride without being shaky.

RnRC: it's just like the original in DHS, but the Aerosmith pre-show was not on. Theme is slightly different, but the ride feels the same.

Tram Tour: Catastrophe Canyon has some minor differences but is still cool. There is an additional section that has a scorched earth London set with a giant fireball from an 'implied' dragon.

DLP Rides

Space Mountain: it's actually a lot like RnRC. The lift hill is sort of neat, but is a let down if you've ever been on the Hulk at IOA. The loops were kind of jarring for me and I was not a big fan. The Space Mountain in Anaheim is still the best in one my opinion.

BTMRR: Much like the the CA and FL versions, but with a cool twist that it's on an Island and there are dark portions of the ride when you are going under the lake to the island. Smooth thrilling ride like all the other versions.

Haunted Mansion (aka Phantom Manor): The stretch room is in French, so I'm not sure what was said. But overall a really good rendition of the HM, with local twists. Lots of skeletons and more scary/macabre elements with the bride story being prominently featured. There is also an additional scene in the town where BTMRR is located....the HM and BTMRR have a linked story.

POTC: as fun as all the other versions, but with a lift hill that lets the ride progress on several different levels.

Small World: the words of the song are less prominent and the scenes are more country than continent focused.

Other: Indiana Jones was closed for refurb while I was there. The Fantasyland rides were mostly in French, and from what I could tell, were just like there US companions. The Railroad had no narration. Star Tours and Buzz Lightyear were mixed French and English. There are a few minor neat walk through attractions.

I'm happy to answer questions.

10-09-2007, 03:43 PM
Sounds like you had a good trip to DLP. Did you get to check out CinéMagique?

10-09-2007, 03:52 PM
Yes, it was a nice time.

No, I didn't do any shows. I wanted to do the rides as much as possible.

10-09-2007, 04:00 PM
Good deal. I was there back in 2004, we had a good time too.

I also liked how you went underneath the water and then out into the island for Big Thunder Mountain. :thumbsup:

10-09-2007, 06:22 PM
We spent a couple of days there in 2003, and I agree that while it was a cool experience (literally -- it was snowing one day :)), it didn't quite have the "magic" that WDW and DL have.

It's a shame that Indiana Jones was closed while you were there -- we got a kick out of that ride.