View Full Version : No DDP when using DVC pts for Dis Collection??

10-04-2007, 06:19 PM
DW and I originally booked a trip to DL using our DVC points. Long story short, that plan changed and we are now staying at POR in May 08 because we could not get our points back as DVC points. We were told that since we are using DVC points at a non-DVC resort...albeit not by choice... we cannot get the DDP.

WHY NOT? We would still be paying for the DDP even if we could stay at our DVC resort. What is the difference? Can somebody please explain why we CANNOT get something we have to PAY for anyway just because we are not staying at a DVC resort...again not by choice?:mad:

10-05-2007, 08:58 AM
Sorry for your frustration and disappointment. It is true that DVC members staying on points at a non-DVC WDW resort cannot purchase the DDP.

My understanding is that the reason is due to the different reservation systems used by Member Services and CRO/WDWTC. They are not compatible. In other words, it's a technical problem, not a policy issue.

Again, sorry you cannot use the DDP for this trip. But maybe it's not as awful as you think due to the changes in the 2008 DDP (no appetizer, no gratutity included). Many think the 2008 plan is no longer much of a deal.