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Oct. 1, 2004 – The “9th Annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival” began at WDW. (Ran through Nov. 14, 2004)
Oct. 1, 2004 – The childcare service “Mouseketeer Clubhouse” closed at the Contemporary Resort in WDW.
Oct. 1, 2004 – The Disney/Touchstone Pictures/Beacon Pictures film “Ladder 49” was released.
Oct. 1, 2005 – Starting on this day, Honda began a month-long 2006 Civic-A-Day giveaway at the Disneyland Resort as part of the re-launch of Space Mountain. Honda’s “the Coolest Ride in the Galaxy” sweepstakes is the latest addition to the 18-month celebration of Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary. Kami McGriffin, 23, of Riverside, Ca. was today’s very first Civic winner.
Oct. 1, 2005 – Disneyland’s “Le Bat en Rouge” hosted the release of several pins featuring Tim Burton’s “the Nightmare Before Christmas.”
Oct. 1, 2005 – Michael Eisner left his job as CEO of the Mouse House ending a 21-year tenure.
Oct. 1, 2006 – The 15-month long celebration “The Year of a Million Dreams,” began at WDW and Disneyland.
Oct. 1, 2006 – Disney’s Archivist Dave Smith released his third edition book of “Disney A to Z: The Official Encyclopedia.”
Oct. 1, 2006 – WDW Cast Members began wearing new nametags as part of the upcoming “Year of a Million Dreams” celebration. The new nametags include the phrase “Where Dreams Come True” as well as the Cast Member’s hometown.
Oct. 1, 2006 – Disney’s “High School Musical Pep Rally,” “Royal Court Academy,” and “Woody’s Cowboy Camp” began performances in the Magic Kingdom at WDW as part of the “Year of a Million Dreams” celebration.

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OCT 1, 1982 -- EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World opens to the public!!!! (The 21st Century begins!)


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