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Sept. 26, 1999 - Innoventions East: Road to Tomorrow opened for preview at Epcot.
Sept. 26, 2000 – “Wild Life,” a Disney animated feature originally to be released in 2002, was cancelled. Described as a Retro 1960’s New York version of “My Fair Lady,” some of the Disney staff believed the story was not strong enough.
Sept. 26, 2000 – Disney’s movie “Remember The Titans,” starring Denzel Washington, had its premiere in Washington, D.C. President Bill Clinton was on hand as well as Jesse Jackson to congratulate Denzel for his fine work on the film.
Sept. 26, 2000 – Filming began for the Lizzie McGuire episode “When Moms Attack” (which would air Jan. 26, 2001).
Sept. 26, 2001 – Disney’s contemporary comedy series “According to Jim” began airing on ABC-TV.
Sept. 26, 2001 – Disney’s touring production of “Beauty and the Beast” opened at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts in Colorado. (The show would run through Oct. 7th.)
Sept. 26, 2001 – WDW hosted the 7th annual Latin Rhythm Nights Festival at Downtown Disney Pleasure Island.
Sept. 26, 2001 – It was reported that Richard W. Cook, chairman of the Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group, was elected (along with 4 others) to the Los Angeles Orthopedic Hospital Foundation’s board of trustees.
Sept. 26, 2003 – The Disney/Touchstone Pictures film “Under the Tuscan Sun” was released.
Sept. 26, 2004 – WDW’s theme parks closed for the day due to Hurricane Jeanne hits Florida.

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