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Sept. 23, 1994 – The Disney film “Terminal Velocity,” starring Charlie Sheen Nastassja Kinski, James Gandolfini, and Christopher McDonald, was released.
Sept. 23, 1997 – The Disney TV series “Hiller and Diller” debuted on ABC. (Ended Mar. 13, 1998)
Sept. 23, 1997 – Disney’s 1-hour pilot “Steel Chariots” aired on Fox.
Sept. 23, 1999 – The large and small Horizons signs were removed from the closed Epcot attraction at WDW.
Sept. 23, 1999 – The Disney Stores began to sell a series of pins counting down the last 101 days until the millennium.
Sept. 23, 2001 – President George W. Bush ordered American Flags to be raised full staff on this day around the country for the 1st time since the Sept. 11 tragedy. A ceremony was held at noon at Disneyland’s Time Square to raise the Flag. Disneyland Resort President Cynthia Harris and the CEO of the Walt Disney Co. Michael Eisner were in attendance. Fifty white doves were released while the Flag was raised.
Sept. 23, 2001 – Robert Abel, the computer animation and graphics guru, and used his techniques to create special effects for Disney’s “Tron,” died at the age of 64 in Los Angeles, Ca.
Sept. 23, 2001 – The attraction “Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream,” opened in Disney-MGM Studios.
Sept. 23, 2004 – Hong Kong Disneyland held a ceremony to celebrate the “topping off” of Sleeping Beauty Castle. A “Topping Off” ceremony is traditionally celebrated when the last structural element is placed on a building.
Sept. 23, 2005 – The Henry Ford, a museum in Dearborn, Mi., presented “Behind the Magic: 50 Years of Disneyland.” The exhibit (in partnership with Walt Disney Imagineering) features 250 items including artwork, hand-crafted models and marketing materials.

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