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Sept. 21, 1996 - IllumiNations 25 (original) opened for preview at Epcot in honor of WDW’S 25th Anniversary.
Sept. 21, 1998 – Infoseek and Walt Disney announced that their Internet portal site would be called Go NETWORK. The Companies expect to launch it before December 1998.
Sept. 21, 1999 - IllumiNations closed at Epcot and would be replaced with IllumiNations 2000: Reflections of Earth.
Sept. 21, 2001 – Marceline, Missouri, the small mid-western town that Walt Disney used as his model for Main Street U.S.A. Celebrated its 100th birthday starting today through the 23rd, with seminars on Walt Disney, a crop maze, a pie contest, a chili cook off and more.
Sept. 21, 2001 – A spokesman confirmed that the Bass family of Texas has sold a sizeable chunk, 135 million shares, of their stake in the Walt Disney Co. The sale generated about $2 million at about $15 a share.
Sept. 21, 2001 – A total of 650 cast members at WDW did their part in support of a multi-network 2-hour TV broadcast to benefit the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The Disney World reservation phone system was used as part of the network to take calls from people wanting to donate money. More than 40,000 calls were received by Disney staffers alone, helping contribute to the $150 million collected.
Sept. 21, 2001 – “The Proud Family,” an animated sitcom, premiered on the Disney Channel.
Sept. 21, 2001 – The Lizzie McGuire episode “the Untitled Stan Jansen Project” aired on the Disney Channel.
Sept. 21, 2002 – The city of Marceline, Missouri hosted its 4th annual Walt Disney’s Hometown Toonfest.
Sept. 21, 2004 – AOL Music First View hosted the online premiere of Clay Aikens “Proud Of Your Boy” music video. The song was originally composed for Aladdin and was recovered from the Disney vault for the film’s 2-disc special edition DVD. (To be released Oct. 5, 2004).

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