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09-20-2007, 09:58 AM
I’m not ordinarily the crystal ball gazing type but recent changes (and lack thereof) at the Walt Disney World resort has compelled me to engage in some pure speculation.:thedolls:
Consider the following:
Ticket prices are increasing (again)
Dining plan prices are (effectively) increasing, as well as offering an “enhanced” dining plan.
EMH attendance is being closely monitored to make sure that only on-site guests are attending.
There are no current plans to build any new “value” or “Moderate” resorts
The “Golden Years” development is dormant, for now (This area will most probably be converted to family suites as has been stated by other posters).
A Four Seasons luxury resort / golf course is being developed just off-site
4,000-5,000 low- to mid-rise, value-priced lodging units are under development by “third-party branded lodging” suppliers located outside Disney's gateway around the interchange where Western Way meets the Western Beltway. When the value priced hotels open at the west gate development, I think you will see other value resort buildings being converted to family suites.
Over the next few years, I think that Disney will be attempting to increase the incentives to stay at their on-site properties (Rumors abound regarding new “Fast pass” options for on-site guests). Also, by reducing the overall number of rooms available, they can keep the crowd levels to a manageable number for events like EMH.

So, what does everyone think? Any other Madame Leotta wannabes care to spectulate?;)

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09-20-2007, 10:19 AM
Historically, Disney do anything that doesn't benefit Disney. They already have an answer for the offiste development I'm sure. What that answer will be is unknown. I see FastPass actually being a pretty big benefit at some point.

It's just like a big business to offer something for free, drive out the competition and then start charging. Think DME, mark my words, it will be a charged service in the not so distant future. Fastpass in some incarnation will be a pay service, maybe not directly, but indirectly it will become a revenue stream.

Right now, they are working on how to gte from here to there. The DDP is a good example. Offer it and see what happens. It's pretty popular, so we can use it as a promotion during slow times. Hey, it worked! It's transforming now by lowering the value, yet at the same time a better (more expensive) plan is offered. It's no coincidence, trust me.

I do think however that they are moving pretty fast, and sooner than later, I think people will see Disney as not such a necessity anymore. Value is quickly eroding, and while most people are lemmings, we will hit a point where it's jsut not going to be fiancially possible to support their pace.

They still have a few years though..

09-20-2007, 10:57 AM
I suspect Disney is more interested in trying to get themselves out of the hotel business in WDW to some degree.

I think that's why you're seeing the expansion of DVC to existing resorts and also the return of outside-managed chains being invited on property. We've also seen the outsourcing of guest service positions at the Deluxe resorts.

Personally, I think Disney realized that they simple cannot find enough quality help, willing to work for what they're willing to pay. I think they want to effectively reduce the count of hotel rooms on property and shift the cost burden of managing that stuff to outside entities.