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09-14-2007, 02:02 PM
My neice is waiting to find out if she has been selected to do the internship progam. I was wondering if she will get any kind of discounts like a cm discount and what they might be. If she gets a good enough discount we might take another trip to see her maybe in early Feb. Would I be better off to just upgrade my 8 day tickets to AP or no expiration 10 day tickets?

09-14-2007, 02:18 PM
From what I remember, it was 35% off merchandise and 20% off food. I'm not sure though if everyone got the 35% from the get go.

Rooms and such were pretty good, BUT it got to the point where AP holders actually got a little better deal. Mostly because AP rates were often more available than CM discounts. Tickets aren't generally that discounted for CMs, not what you would expect. The prices are pretty comparable to the same tickets you can get from places like OTC.

You might want to look into a cruise, that's where the discounts are really nice! But again, it's a last minute thing, VERY, VERY tough to plan around.

09-14-2007, 10:17 PM
I think she can get six one day passes, which would carve a little of the cost off. I took my DD down there about 3 weeks ago and they even had a DVC table set up in the "parents Day Care Center" tent, where they sent the parents off to while the kids checked in. The DVC guy said my DD could get us a discount on DVC points. DVC sales people don't miss any opportunities, do they? They even gave me a coupon for a free Chic Fil A sandwich. They told us parents that it was in trade for our kids. They WERE kidding, weren't they?

09-15-2007, 11:39 AM
This discount for merchandise is 20%, unless you've been there more than 3 years. Then it goes up to 35%. Around November to February-ish, the discount is 40% to all CM's and CP's.

Room Discount is typically 50%, and they sometimes offer 60%. The first discount is available all the time but the rooms are limited so you need to order it well enough in advance, especially in peak seasons. I don't think any passes get a better deal than paying $50 a night for a room, even off-property. And staying at a DVC resort for about $100 a night isn't bad either.

She will get 6 one day passes for up to three guests and herself to enter.

The CM discount on DVC points is 35%. Which I believe puts it at around $65 per point.

There is also Cast Connection and Property Control, where damages, overstock and lost and found, are taken and sold at insanely cheap prices. Typically, around 75-90% off.

Cast Pin Parties, Previews, and the Summer SALSA (Spend a little, Save a lot) will also be open to her. Again, places with extremely good discounts. I personally spent about $100 dollars and got about $500 dollars worth of pin trading goodies. Or paying $4.50 for Jack Sparrow's ring (reg. $19).

Hope she enjoys her program! It really is a great experience.