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08-23-2007, 09:21 AM
How does one go about renting DVC points?

When they are rented, how is the room booked? In the owner's name or in the renter's name?

My parents are thinking of venturing down with us next year, and we think a couple of DVC studios would be the way to do it (my mother is completely disabled).

Any thoughts/comments/recommendations are appreciated. :mickey:

08-23-2007, 10:02 AM
It typically costs much less to rent points from a DVC member than to book a DVC resort direct from Disney.

If you do decide to rent points from a DVC member, keep in mind that this is a private transaction between two people, and Disney is not involved in any way. If anything goes wrong, you canít complain to Disney or expect them to resolve any problem.

Renting points requires trust on both sides of the agreement. You are placing a great deal of faith in the DVC member's promise that a reservation has been made and will remain in force until your arrival.

Ask for references from the DVC member who is renting the points, and check their references
Get the owner's full name, home address and home phone number before sending any payment. To the extent possible, confirm that the information is valid.
Confirm that the person is, in fact, a DVC owner by running a search at the Florida Comptroller's Office web site.
There should be a written contract or letter of agreement, signed by both of you, spelling out exactly what the rental will cost, when payment is due, dates of the stay, etc.
Never pay a total stranger by using a "cash equivalent" such as Western Union or money order.Also, please keep in mind the following:

Be aware that Disney Vacation Club will not speak with renters or give them any information. Only DVC owners can speak with DVC about reservations.A DVC reservation is very different from a regular hotel reservation and the limitations/restrictions/penalties on the owner may make cancellation and rescheduling difficult or impossible. Those problems vary from owner to owner, from rental to rental,

08-23-2007, 05:09 PM
The owner books the room(s) but gives the renters name and address. You can't get two studios next to each other because of the way DVC resorts are set up. OKW only has a couple of buildings with elevators so if you go for there you either need ground floor or one of those to request. If you don't mind sharing a bathroom OKW may be worth considering for a one bed - the rooms are huge and you have a bedroom with a King size and a queen size sofa in the rather large living area.

Intercot does not rent points but if you do a search there are several sites out there that do.

Points cost between $12-14 at the moment from the sites I have looked at.

08-23-2007, 06:01 PM
Dear Mickey'sGirl

In addition to what mprewitt has posted I could add that it takes a lot of trust between you and the person that is renting you the points. I am a DVC member and I have rented my points, transferred points and rented from other DVC members. So far I have never had a problem and I have not heard of other DVC members with problems.

Toadies Tips

1. Donít be a time waster. Do your homework. Make sure you fully intend to rent points from a member. Have your dates down ,if you can be flexible on check in and check out, that helps a lot. Have the DVC resorts in order as in most desirable to least desirable.

2. The earlier the better. A DVC member can make reservations in his home resort up to 11 months prior to his check out date, and only 7 months prior at Resorts other than his home resort . If you wish to make a deal with lets say an owner of Saratoga Springs Resort Villas but wish to stay at the Beach Club Villas the owner can only make your reservations 7 months Pryor to your check out time. A member can also make reservations one day at a time 7 months prior. And this is exactly what I did for my self last year. I am a member of SSR and I wished to stay at either the BCV or the BWV so at exactly 7 months from my checkout on the first day I started making my reservations one day at a time. Sometimes there might be a day missing in between check in and check out. You can fill that date at another resort and be put on a waiting list or you can choose another resort. For the last three years I have had dates missing but I have always gotten my dates. First come First Serve. That is why it is so important to be early.

3. Every DVC member rents out there points differently. This is how I rent out my Points. After I have received all of the information from you. I check on availability. If you ask me for references I email you my bank references or even trade references. Once I get the ok from you to proceed I will make the reservation in your name, after the reservation has been made I will either email you or call you with the reservation number at that time I expect 50% of the cost transferred to my Paypal account immediately. The hard copy of the conformation comes to me 7 to 14 days after the reservation has been made. Once I receive the hard copy I offer to fax it to you. Then I send the hard copy along with the original envelope to you via Snail mail. Once I stick the Hard copy in the mail I will email you to notify that the Hard Copy Has been sent along with a statement that balance due must be wired to me with in 7 days via PayPal.

I will PM you with my email so if you have any questions donít hesitate to ask.

Good Luck