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08-07-2007, 10:35 PM
:blush: We'll be staying at SSR in late Sept/early Oct. This will be our first trip as DVC members, so we're not sure what to do in regards to a few things. The main question is that we're doing the DDP and have reservations for all the TS meals, etc. There are a few meals (breakfasts basically) that we plan to eat in our room. I was looking at the DVC Disney grocery list and I once read a thread about Garden Grocer too. We will NOT be having a rental car...we're utilizing the free transportation. I guess I'm wondering a few things, who do you recommend for groceries? Do you have to be in the room when they arrive or does the concierge deliver them and put the cold things (milk) in the fridge? I was looking at the list and it said they deliver after 5 pm or something, but I can't imagine knowing when we'll be in our room to schedule an advance delivery...let alone making the kids just sit there while we wait for the groceries to arrive. Is there something I'm not getting about this? Thanks so much. :) :mickey:

08-07-2007, 11:38 PM
We used Garden Grocer last October. It was super easy. It turned out that we were in our room when they arrived. It is my understanding that if you are not "home" when they attempt delivery then they will take it to bell services and put perishables in a fridge. I called Garden Grocer and asked them questions about my delivery. They were very nice and everything went very smoothly. We will definately use them again.

08-07-2007, 11:56 PM
We've done it two different ways. We called for a cab and went to the Goodings at the Crossroads from SSR and we've used Garden Grocer. Garden Grocer is a WAY better option. We were in our room when they came but we were taking a nap. They delivered our stuff to Bell Services and put it in the refrigerator there. They called and left us a message saying it was there and Bell Services brought it right over when we awoke. We're staying at SSR for 2 weeks in December and I plan on setting up delivery of groceries at the beginning of each week.

The selection is a lot better than the DVC delivery and the prices are better as well.

Have fun!

08-08-2007, 02:02 AM
The selection is a lot better than the DVC delivery and the prices are better as well.

Have fun!

Yup, I've done some research - and we'll be using Garden Grocer for our next visit.

We thought about a grocery stop - but seriously, who wants to shop for groceries when you're on vacation!??:mickey:

You know you're crazy when vacation is a year away, and you're on the website looking for things to order!!! :rocks:

Maleficent's Dad
08-08-2007, 07:39 AM
Here are the basic options and their benefits/downfalls:

1. Order through DVC.
Plusses: They deliver to your room regardless if you're there or not - and they DO put refrigerated items into your fridge. They've delevered before 5 PM for me whenever I've used them. They charge (only) $5 for delivery. You fax the list before you leave on vacation. For us - b'fast items and basics - DVC's option is very good, but for "larger orders," we'd go to Garden Grocer.
Minuses: Limited selection, slightly higher cost, buying bottled water is extremely expensive through DVC.

2. Order through Garden Grocer. (GG)
Plusses: You can order before you leave or when you get to WDW. Much greater selection of goods. Cheaper prices than DVC (although by far, no "bargains" here). They'll deliver to the resort - only to your room if you're there. This is a great option to use if you plan to purchase larger amounts of groceries and goods.
Minuses: If you're not in your room, delivery to Bell Services and YOU have to then arrange for groceries to get to your room OR you have to pick them up. Still not a cheap way of getting food. $12 delivery charge.

3. Taxi to grocery store.
Plusses: Best prices, best selection of all options.
Minuses: Who wants to go to a grocery store while at Disney? Takes time. Also will spend more on taxi ride than you would on delivery costs from both other options.

Without a car on site, these are the best options you have. There are other grocery delivery services, but I have not used them, so can't speak for them.

Overall, you'll spend a few bucks in order to save more money... kind of how all things happen at WDW, it seems! Good luck! :mickey:

08-08-2007, 11:52 AM
OK i have to put in my...:twocents: here:
We always ship our groceries UPS ahead of us,(except perishables of course) you get those at the resort gift shop store). Its ALOT cheaper than any delivery and your packages will be held at the front desk until you check in. Just ask them to deliver all your packages to your room whenever you like. Its really simple and we usually ship 10 or more packages so what we pack on the plane is very lite, and you can track your package progress and print out the sheet for who signed for them and date and time..we send christmas trees, lights, etc . works like a charm..:thumbsup:

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08-09-2007, 10:53 AM
Another happy Garden Grocer customer here! :D No problems at all. I found the prices to be pretty reasonable and they have a very large selection. We were at EPCOT when they delivered, so Bell Services kept everything cold for us. We will definitely use them again.

08-10-2007, 07:14 PM
We went last week. It was our first DVC stay also. We ordered through gardengrocer.com. It was much cheaper than through disney and they had a better selection. I put on the order to deliver to bell services. The day we got there we went straight to the parks. Got back to the room and called bell services and they said they would bring the order up (we did tip). It was the easiest thing I've done with disney so far....will definitely do it again.

On a side note: We did the dining plan and we were never hungry even for snacks. I bought too much snacks. We also bought too much sodas as we were just not in the room to eat them. We also decided that next year we will just eat cold cereal and bagels so we don't have to mess with cleaning the kitche before we leave.:mickey:

08-12-2007, 11:34 AM
Another vote for Gardengrocer.com. They were wonderful! The selection is great, the prices are still reasonable. They delivered right to our room and put everything away for us.