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This is the review of the final 10 questions, 91-100. In case you missed earlier reviews, there are links to the rest of them at the bottom of this post.

Question #91 asked you to pick between two nighttime shows: SpectroMagic and IllumiNations. IllumiNations was a pretty easy winner here, picking up 65% of the vote.

I love the enormity of Illuminations. The time it takes for them to prepare, the countries all around the "world" lighting up, the fireworks and lazers, the music, and one of my favorites, the torches that line the lake. All of these put together make for one spectacular, not to miss, show. -- KAT1811

Spectromagic. As soon as I hear those trumpets at the very beginning, and freak out over those crazy...things, I get chill bumps and smile the whole time. Absolutely love that parade. My favorite thing at Disney. -- WDWdreamer87

I really had to think about this one...what a tough choice! -- disneyfan1124

Question #92 asked you to choose between a trip that would have you stay either 7 nights in a Moderate or 5 nights in a Deluxe. The extra time won out here, with 65% of you choosing the seven nights in the Moderate.

That's a no brainer for me. I would choose the 7 nights in a moderate for sure. I definately want to stay as long as I can!!! -- Wrigley

id say 5 night in the deluuxe becuase i love deluxes and dont really like moderates. -- dumboears

Question #93 asked you to pick between the two sides of Innoventions at Epcot. Innoventions West (which is on "The Land" side) was the winner, with 58% of the vote.

I liked the West side last trip. It has the e-mail computers, the kid's games, the firehouse, the musical robots, and the Disney Visa free picture area. -- Spaceship Tigger

Innoventions East is a great place to hang out with DS3 while the bigger family members go on Mission: Space and Test Track. -- psychotekkie

Innoventions??? Guess I keep missing it. -- indytraveler

Question #94 asked you to pick between the two nighttime cruises: Wishes cruise and Illuminations cruise. The vote was pretty close, but the Wishes cruise won out with 55% of the vote.

I'd go with the Wishes cruise just because I think that there is so much more to see on that lake than there is going from the BC/YC to see Illuminations. You'd get to see all of the "monerail resorts" lit up at night and if your really lucky maybe the Electrical Water Parade will be passing by. -- KAT1811

We chose the Illuminations cruise because the show originates on the water, so seeing it from a boat docked inside EPCOT gives you a birds-eye view. It was really spectacular! -- Tynkerbelle

Question #95 asked which meal for which you make most of your ADR's. Dinner was the obvious and very easy winner here, capturing 90% of the vote. Breakfast followed with 6%, then lunch with 4%.

We most often do the dinners...We feel that our time is better spent enjoying a relaxing dinner after a long day of touring the parks. When we get up in the morning we just want to grab a quick breakfast and then off we go. Too much to see and do in WDW. -- KAT1811

...we've only made ADR's for character meals, which for us are usually breakfast. so, i picked breakfast. -- Wedway fan

Lunch for me so i can walk it off in the park -- RAIDER

An earlier question asked which park you visit first (MK). Question #96 wanted to know which park, if any, you visit last. Once again, Magic Kingdom was the choice here, with about 48% of the vote.

Next was "no set park", with 28%, then Epcot with 10%, Disney MGM Studios with 8% and Animal Kingdom with 7%.

For us it is always the MK. It is sort of like saying Good-Bye as you take one last look at the Castle before entering under the train station. It is a vacation tradition to go to the MK on the final day -- BritCody

I have no set day for the last day. For me, it depends on meals I want ADR's for, park opening time or simply, there is something else I wanna see there. -- snifflesmcg

i visit Epcot first and last -- Crow

...we've decided in the future to go to MGM last, since it's just so great, so that's what I voted for. -- January-2007

We always seem to do Animal Kingdom on our last day. Usually because it is a weekend day and AK is not that busy. -- Sean Riley Taylor's Mom
Question #97 was a two-parter asking about your camera habits. The Intercot crowd goes to Disney World a lot. So I was curious whether you still bring your camera and how much you use it. 77% of you report that you bring your camera and take lots of pictures. 21% take your camera, but not always all the time, and take some pictures. Only 2% of you leave the camera at home.

Take lots of pictures! I love pictures and it's a great way preserve memories!!!! -- Figgyluv03

After so many years of going to WDW the number of pictures and length of video have gone way down. Take the camera a couple of times during a trip but not daily. -- Polynesian Dweller

,,,Some trips we don't even take the camera. -- disneymom15

For the second part of this question, I was curious at how dramatic the transformation to digital pictures has become. While there were a few responses of "both", 93% of you are using digital cameras and only 7% using film.

The cost film along with the cost to develop the pictures, then not know if they're really a good pic or not, digital is the only way I will go. -- princessjojo

I prefer film photos. -- LoriMistress

I use digital and a 35 mm camera. I usually use my digital camera the most when I'm traveling but I still take along my 35mm camera for those extra special shots. -- IloveDisney71

Question #98 asked how many visits you make to WDW in a typical five year period. 43% of you voted 0-3 trips, 37% voted 4-7 trips, a lucky 11% of you voted "more than 10" and 8% of you voted 8-10.

None! I haven't been since 2001, but I'm going back next year!!!! -- Figgyluv03

4 - 7...We generally go once a year. If we are lucky, we may squeeze in two! -- Mickey91

We do anywhere from 3-5 trips annually. We feel lucky to do that; I couldn't wait two years for a trip!!! -- Maleficent's Dad

I said 8-10. So far, I've been 8 or 9 times since 2002 and have two trips scheduled for later this year. -- Tynkerbelle

Question #99 asked how often you use Intercot. You use it a lot. 67% said "several times a day ", 21% said "once a day", 10% said "a few times a week", 1% said "about once a week" and 1% said "less than once a week". Of course, those that use iit less than once a week might not have seen the poll before it closed.

Several times a hour is more like it. -- Sean Riley Taylor's Mom

Once a day for me... -- avantgardeinker

I voted for several times a week. On the days I work I usually don't get on the computer at all, just don't have the time, but when I'm home, this is my computer "home".... -- January-2007

Question #100 was a two parter asking what year you first visited Disney World and how old you were. The years were pretty well spread out:
22% of you first visited 1971-77
19% 1983-1987
17% 1998-2002
16% 1988-1992
14% 1978-1982
7% 2003-2007
5% 1993-1997

Christmas Day, 1971. The first WDW Christmas, and one of the most memorable days of my life. -- brad192

1986 for me... love to look at our pictures from that trip, i still have our tickets, they used to rubber stamp the dates on the tickets back then... -- KAJUNKING

1998 was the year of my first WDW trip. It was my honeymoon! -- darthmacho

1981. There was only the MK and it was fabulous. -- SBETigg

The second part of the question asked how old you were when you made that first visit. The results:
45% were 0-10 years old
22% 11-20
22% 21-30
10% 31-40
1% 41-50
1% over 60
0% 51-60

I was 10 and my brother was 7. My dad refused to take us much before that because he refused to push a stroller in the park...so we had to wait until we were old enough to walk the parks ourselves.

-- k_reile

I was twelve. A very impressionable, overwhelmed by the magic of it all, age twelve. -- SBETigg

I was 28... -- gauvin4

I was 37... -- Here we go again...

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