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07-20-2007, 08:06 PM
7/20 – Guess who's back? Back again! Yavn's back! Tell your friends!

This week, Yavn's got news on a NEW mini-game, a NEW snack cart, what the theme is for August and the NEW VMK Communicator! And now celebrating summer as VMK turns 2, live and direct from VMK Central, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, hereeeeeee's Yavn!

Hello! Hello! Hello! Well here we are smack dab in the middle of the summer! Is everyone enjoying themselves? Anyone camp out for an iPhone? Too bad you can't play VMK on 'em – now that would be cool!! It's been a few weeks since I last caught up with you, so it's time once again for an update!

VMK Turns 2!

As many of you know, VMK turned 2 this week! And in addition to the Birthday Pin sold earlier in the week as a gift to you, we also launched the VMK Communicator! This snazzy little gadget is easy to download and install - and once the VMK Communicator is running on your computer you'll get Newsletter, Calendar, Screensavers and more delivered right to your computer's desktop in real time.

In fact, some of you may be reading this from the Communicator right now! In the future, the VMK Communicator will deliver more exclusive information about VMK as well as Screensavers and VMK Wallpapers.

Get the VMK Communicator now on the Downloads (http://vmk.disney.go.com/vmk/en_US/community/index?name=DownloadsPage) page!
And One to Grow on...

I know a lot of you have asked why we don't make a bigger deal about our birthday and that's simple: we're always looking forward and focusing on what's on the way, for instance, for VMK's 3rd year we have some huge things in store.

A few weeks ago you may remember I mentioned something about a new mini-game? Well it's in the final phases of testing and we're planning to announce and launch this cool addition in early August! It will be launched from VMK.com as an external mini-game (meaning you will play this outside of VMK), speaking of August, based on your feedback, our theme for August will be… drumroll please… Tiki! Yes indeed, and we've made some cool new clothing items just for the occasion. So be ready to pick up that Surf Cowboy Hat as well as some other cool stuff very soon.

Surfs up, cowboy!

Moderation Progress

As I've said several times now, we're well into the process of adjusting our VMK Moderation Policies. Some of you may have noticed some changes already – like replacing the 2 hour ban in favor of a 24 hour IP ban. We're also strictly enforcing our rules about PII (personally identifiable information) and abusive language.

Over the coming weeks, you'll see more and more adjustments to moderation and the VMK Values. So make sure you follow the VMK Values, we want to make VMK a safe and fun place. We're not trying to be mean, our goal is to make VMK a better place for everyone… ok I'm stepping off the soapbox!

The Return of the Snack Attack!

So you liked that Churro Cart did you? But you're still hungry for more?!? Perhaps you just prefer salty snacks? Well we have just the thing to add a little "Pop" to your room.

Ladies and gentleman meet VMK's newest star… the Popcorn Cart!

Yavn: So what should I call you? Popcorn Cart? Mr. Corn? Or just Pop?

Popcorn Cart: "Pop!"

Yavn: Butter or salt, which do you prefer?

Popcorn Cart: "Pop!"

Yavn: Ok. So what's the best place to find you? A Disney Park or movie theater?

Popcorn Cart: "Pop!"

Yavn: Hmmm… OK, so one last question before we have to go, Turkey Leg cart and VMK? Good idea?

Popcorn Cart: "Pop!"

Well there you have it folks – Popcorn Cart has spoken! Expect to see him "popping up" (sorry couldn't help that…) on Monday July 23rd in the Emporium Specials! Be sure to "pop" in and pick one up!

Yavn's Mailbag

It's been a while since we've done a Yavn Q&A, so what do you say we reach into the old mailbag and see what questions you have – well how about that, by far most of the questions are about me, well let's answer your questions.

Q: Dear Yavn, before you were posting a new column every week, now we're lucky to get one a month. What's up with the long periods between Newsletter updates?

A: Well, I guess you could say I've taken the summer off from the Newsletter. But honestly, for the last few months I've been spending more time doing behind-the-scenes work for VMK. Between adjusting moderation, building new content (including a new game, the VMK Communicator and other surprises) and some travel I've been super, super busy.

So bear with me, for the time being I'll update monthly and move back to a more frequent schedule during the fall. In the meantime, don't forget to check out the other Newsletter sections that are updated weekly. Besides my column, and in addition to Yeti and Push Trivia, there's lots of great information on the Newsletter page (did you notice the NEW Dateline Disney section? Cool huh?)! So be sure to always check out the Newsletter even if you don't see me updating, Safety Corner, Event Info, and the other sections – these change often and there's always new announcements and new info. Hey, you can even check it out using the NEW VMK Communicator!

Q: How about adding more words to the dictionary?

A: More words? Not a problem. In fact, we're adding more words all the time, and will make some major adjustments very soon. Remember though, safety is always our top priority so don't expect numbers or places to ever be added.

Q: I'm a new player and I love VMK, but I missed many of the cool costumes that were on sale before I joined the community, will any of them come back? Specifically Princess??

A: Not to worry, we'll be brining them back very soon, in fact, since you mentioned it how about some Princess stuff next week??

Q: Yavn, can you PLEASE (please, please, please) make Buried In Treasure and Cursed Storm Magic tradable?

A: Sure why not, Caffdawg can you please make it so!

Q: Are you still going to Hong Kong and Japan?

A: You bet. Although those trips won't happen until September / October time. I should also mention I'll be off to visit our European offices very soon, and hopefully I'll have some time to spend at Disneyland Paris!

Q: Yavn, I have a technical question: After I log out of VMK, my character is still in the game. What's going on? What should I do?

A: This is nothing to be alarmed about, we're aware of an issue with Firefox that sometimes does not log you out correctly when you close your browser. To help fix this always use the EXIT button when you finish playing. This will ensure you've logged out correctly.

Q: What happened to the Yeti, the YetiVision game I mean, I can't find it.

A: Mr. Yeti (YetiVision, rather) is currently undergoing some routine maintenance, he and his furry adventures should be back soon.

Q: When are those Peter Pan ride items gonna be on sale?

A: Expect to see those start rolling out in the fall.

Q: Ok Yavn, it's been 2 years now and still no Magic Carpet. What's the deal?

A: Please don't ask about that…

Q: That's not a good answer…

A: I know… hmmm, how about a Turkey Leg cart instead??? Come on now! Who doesn't like a good turkey leg (aside from the turkey and vegetarians!!)?

Don't forget to complete your Nemo Pin collection… Emporium Specials!

Testing 1, 2, 3…

Alright, that about wraps it up for the time being! Now I need to get back to playing, uh, testing that new mini-game! Oh yeah! I almost forgot, we're working on a plan for a revised CL program but that is a few more weeks away and then I'll have details I can share with you. Until then we will not be adding any more CLs.

Next time I'll tell you all about the new mini-game as well as a few other surprises we have in store for you. Finally, don't forget to take advantage of the Summer Fun Days, they're your best way to get fast cash for the Pop Corn Cart as well as more Alice Ride items that are on the way. Now I need to start saving my lunch money for that iPhone!

Until next time, I'll leave you with a sneak peek at something you'll see next month…
See you in VMK!

07-20-2007, 08:13 PM
Darn, you beat me to it. Oh well. Going to read then post my thoughts...

Ok, so lets see:

An external mini-game - A two second game with no story is always fun :rolleyes:
Tiki theme month - At least it's original
New moderation - Hopefully it will be enforced with the language instead of being ignored
Popcorn Cart - Food carts are always good no matter what they are
More Trips in the future - Wish I got to travel that much
Treasure and Storm Tradeable - Took them over a year after the game stopped
Yetivision coming back - How long has it been now since it stopped working
Peter Pan coming in fall - New ride pieces are always good
Magic Carpet - Don't think we are ever going to see that
Revised leader system - Been awhile since they even took CL_'s

One thing that did interest me though:

I should also mention I'll be off to visit our European offices very soon...

Might be wishful thinking on my part but getting an office overseas? Maybe extending game hours and having staff overseas to leave the game open longer? How many hours ahead is Europe time from California time?

Deleted my next post because I was informed by a very knowledgeable Figgie that Sulake is based in Europe :doh:

07-20-2007, 08:20 PM
Hmm well I guess you could call it Yavn keeping to his word since he posted his last Newsletter the 22 of June and it wasn't quite a month yet although it was a friday so you be the judge. :)

All I can say is WOOT WOOT Pop Corn Cart!!!! This will be perfect for my movie theater!!!

Tiki Month is next month that is cool! I was never here for the first tiki month so I'm happy do you think we will get those tiki pins that where never released?

That straw hat I guess is coming out soon so that is cool.

I'm sure Fan is happy that princess stuff will be out next week ;) Although not sure if he will be able to take advantage of it. Hopefully there will be something for us guys as well.

Wonder what this game on the site will be :confused: and if we will be able to get credits from it.

He mentioned chaning the CL program I wonder what this will mean for the current community leaders?

Oh and I just checked and Buried in Treasure and Cursed Storm are in fact now tradeable! As well as the pirate magic!

Darn, you beat me to it. Oh well. Going to read then post my thoughts...

07-20-2007, 09:07 PM
Woot! Princess stuff! Perfect for my PrincessSlacker!

07-20-2007, 10:22 PM
Yavn's Mailbag

Q: Dear Yavn, before you were posting a new column every week, now we're lucky to get one a month. What's up with the long periods between Newsletter updates?

Hey varcity, you forgot to sign your name to this letter to yavn!

07-20-2007, 10:31 PM
I think that was everyone's opinion.

07-20-2007, 10:36 PM
Woot a new newsletter! Varcity sure does make a difference when he goes away on a trip, LOL. Okay, my thoughts:

And One To Grow On:
I KNEW it! Yavn made it sound so exciting that YAY, we are having a new mini-game coming soon! But now, its all just an utter disappointment. You know how those VMK.com little games work out. I am sure this game is going to be a memory game with tikis and you win the special new table that is coming out. Whoo, hoo. This game better be good (HIGHLY DOUBT IT!)! I don't know why but I have this strange feeling that Yavn is telling me that this is VEPCOT coming. Okay, okay, don't hurt me on that comment, just a feeling. I would be very happy if it was though!

On tiki month...OH EM GEE. This is ridiculous. Horrifying. Deathly! ANOTHER repeat month? Gah! Why cant we have like EPCOT month (with that new EPCOT furniture he promised us!), or Disney character month. Or I don't know, Walt Disney month. SOMETHING ELSE ALREADY!!! I like the hat though :)

Moderation Progress
Its good that Yavn is stepping up to the plate and really enforcing the VMK Values. I don't think he is mean or anything for doing so. Just doing what needs to be done!

The Return of the Snack Attack!
WOOTNESS!!! Loving the popcorn stand. PERFECT in my theater room! Hopefully, you can actually eat from this little machine, unlike those Churros!

Yavn's Mailbag
Question One: So that's why Yavn hasn't been around...And at least he is warning us that he is not going to appear every week for a while. Just glad that he knows that we all love to read his newsletter! As long as he comes back to his regular schedule!
Question Two: Woot, new words! Maybe words like, Coming, or Didney!
Question Three: Yay, yay, yay! Stuff coming back! Though I have all of this princess stuff, its still good to see them again. Though it brings down the value on my gold dress. Hopefully, they come out with some different princess stuff. Like a green dress! Or Red. Or.. white!
Question Four: I have been waiting all my life for this! YAY, THE MAGIC IS TRADABLE!!!!! WOOT!
Question Five: Oh no, not another trip...just another way to delay our newsletter. Okay, now I am just being selfish!
Question Six: Hmm, I never knew that! Good to know. So basically its just a bug. Just what I though!
Question Seven: I thought that the Yeti vision game would never come back! Glad to hear that the Yeti will soon be here again o give us credits. Easy credits for me, easy credits. But when I ask..when?
Question Eight/Nine: He just makes be want to bang my head on the computer right now. After the first five months I waited for the magic to come out, I caught on. It will never come out. But him saying don't ask and stuff, he is just toying with us more! Arggghhh!

Testing 1, 2, 3…
A revised CL program? What is that supposed to mean? Does that mean that he might be accepting new leaders? HOPEFULLY!
More Alice ride items?! Ugh, I can't take those anymore!
Oh, and definitely loving the tiki table. Now about about that tiki chair?

07-21-2007, 12:08 AM
I'm guessing that the revised Community Leader program will deal with the fact that we do absolutely nothing to help the game or anything. They take us off of their lists, we have no direct contact with them, never help with their rooms or events, anything. I'd love to see a few things that we kind of talked about tonight:

Anyone who was in the game when beta was around that is on probably once a week be automatically assigned the leader status. Over two years of experience is plenty enough of time.
The ability to actually help with staff events and rooms.
The ability to have our own report system when if we see something, we can send them a message or something
Be assigned or volunteer an hour or something of time and get payed with credits or items or something.

I'd even love to see leader's have the ability of have a dictionary that only takes out curse words and bad words but I can see now people abusing it. There are much more things that I know people can think of theirselves, but they just need to improve of the entire way that the leader system works.

07-21-2007, 12:13 AM
My thoughts...

Popcorn carts...if it doesn't give out popcorn, then what's the point?

Princess stuff...does this mean some new stuff as well?

Tiki Month...this is only good if they release the remaining 5 pins, the tiki table (which looks like will happen) and the jungle book throne. Then again, waterpark month came and went and we're still missing the pink crates.

Updated Moderation/Revised CL Program...I get the feeling this isn't going to be good. Why? Because they've already disconnected us from staff, eliminated our usefulness during events...so far its been downhill. Then again, maybe it could be a good thing. Still, I get the feeling all current CLs may get the boot. But that may be just me.

External mini-game...hmm...what's the difference between these and the other external games they've brought out before? If any of the prior external mini-games are a sign of what's to come, I'm not very excited.

07-21-2007, 01:30 AM
I hope I'm in the silent majority who saw little to complain or fret about in this newsletter. Perhaps it's a "glass half empty or full" issue, but I saw a lot to look forward to in this memo from the top. :shrug:

Ricks (who won't comment on upcoming princess items)

07-21-2007, 10:10 AM
I'm with you Tricks, some interesting news here :)
And even if the new leader program means we all get the boot for a fresh start, I have to say that would not be such a bad thing. Could weed out some of the not so leader like leaders.
:cool: Laura

07-21-2007, 10:25 AM
Anyone who was in the game when beta was around that is on probably once a week be automatically assigned the leader status. Over two years of experience is plenty enough of time.

Hopefully this is the case. I have been around VMK for a long time now (over 2 years and playing almost everyday), yet never once was a community leader. I made a mistake the day that I was about to hit send on the community leader application then click out of it because I had to run some errands (the mistakes we did when we were in the first stages of VMK). Hopefully IF this were to be the case, you would not need an application.

07-21-2007, 11:58 AM
Something I forgot to comment on...no longer jealous of JP or Cita...5 star pirate woot!!!

Only problem was it took them so long to make the Kellogg's magic tradeable, half my mules were already deleted and it took me an hour this morning trying to remember all the e-mail addresses and passwords. Lol! But at least now I can lay them all to rest as they no longer have anything at all on them. ;)

Oh, and I sure hope they tweaked the cursed storm magic. Otherwise we'll have 5 star crashes every night. Heh heh!

07-21-2007, 12:41 PM
The only thing I found interesting was the CL's (still hoping, hehe) and also hoping that VMK is working on the dictionary thing. We want our cheese back!

Has anyone noticed the poll? We might get a Turkey Leg Cart soon.. it would've been great to EAT it, but hey, we can't expect too much from VMK.

Blue Genie
07-22-2007, 04:15 AM
I just have this funny felling that VMK will not be on for to much lomger. With all the things happening lately. I would say that maybe this year or next is the finddle of VMK. If si then what are we going to do.

07-22-2007, 09:13 AM
I just have this funny felling that VMK will not be on for to much lomger. With all the things happening lately. I would say that maybe this year or next is the finddle of VMK. If si then what are we going to do.


Anything is possible. I tell the boys not to get too attached to their virtual items, as VMK could vanish overnight.

...that said, though as long as there is an advertising or money making possibility, VMK will be around. I would say that before it shut down they might try a pay to play mode. If that were to happen, they would lose a lot of families that have multiple players if it cost per player. If there were a family package that included parents and all their dependent kids, it 'might' be doable.

Unfortunately, I believe that a pay to play system would so change the dynamics of the game that it would not be as much fun. There are so many players from all over the world, that there is a wide pool of game talent, trade items, etc. that keeps the game interesting.

07-22-2007, 10:40 AM
I just have this funny felling that VMK will not be on for to much lomger. With all the things happening lately. I would say that maybe this year or next is the finddle of VMK. If si then what are we going to do.

As I stated in another thread, this is highly unlikely with the addtion of 2 new in game staff members as well as hiring a couple new behind the scenes staff members. After all, who would want to get a job that would only last you a couple months.

And even if it does, we still have this board to share with each other. Not the same as robot dancing avatars setting themselves on fire each night, but it'll do. Heh!

07-22-2007, 06:33 PM
Don't forget POTC Online is opening again in September :D