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07-19-2007, 12:23 PM
My wife and I will be traveling to DL in Dec. and staying in the PPH. This trip will be during our anniversary, and of course I want to let the reservations agents at DL know this so they are more inclined to accomodate room requests and possibly give us a free upgrade tee hee. :angel:

I am making the initial reservation through Expedia, so I will not be talking w/ a Disney person specifically. Should I call the DL reservations people up and have them put this info in our file?

Also, I have, in the past, faxed a request sheet to the hotel in advance of the trip. How has this worked for any of you? Would you suggest it? If so, how far in advance should I do this?

How has asking in person at check-in, point blank, about free-upgrades worked for yall at DL resorts?

Should I do all of the above to try and get room requests/upgrades?


07-19-2007, 01:53 PM
Specific room requests are always noted but never guaranteed. I have personally never received a free upgrade, but at DLH a free upgrade usually means a different room view as any real upgrade would be to a suite, which is doubtful since they start at closer to $1000 a night for most suites.

Just wondering why Expedia and not Disney Travel? You should give them a try, To my knowledge, Disney doesn't discount their rooms for specific vendors and odds are all you are getting is a discount on airfare. Just a hint.

But whatever you do, let us know ... knowledge is power! :mickey:

07-20-2007, 01:15 PM
Actually I priced around through all kinds of different vendors (including Disney travel as well as Mousesavers.com and small world vacations Inc.) and found expedia to be the cheapest. Most of the good Disney travel deals include tickets, and we do not need tickets as we are getting them discounted through connections we have from when we used to work in Disney Destinations (global disney sales/marketing). The closest deal I could find was a AAA discount through Disney travel and Small World Vacations and that was still a couple hundred total more expensive.

For example, the AAA discounted quote I got through Disney travel was still (including airfare) $150 more expensive than expedia, and the Disney travel rate did not include taxes on the flight. Booking them together on Expedia saved me $350 vs. booking them seperate.

Seems to me that, at least in this case, expedia was the best, though I am not sure that always applies.