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07-19-2007, 10:32 AM
We're considering buying into these two resorts but are still undecided? What are the important differences between these two resorts?? Are the pools vastly different (slides or no slide)?? How do the restaurants compare in each?? Is OKW being the older property maintained properly??

I guess what I'm really trying to get to is what do people really love and hate about these two resorts??

07-19-2007, 12:06 PM
I have not stayed at either, but I will be at OKW on our next trip. The one big difference is contratct life. OKW contracts end in 2042 and SSR ones end in 2054.

07-19-2007, 12:53 PM
Both are very nice resorts. As mentioned above, the contract for SSR will run longer. Both resorts are larger and spread out. The rooms at OKW are larger, which can be a real plus. The pools and activities at both resorts are quite nice - simple, but nice. Transportation from both will be similar, except for access to DTD. You can walk there from SSR, but you probably would take a boat or bus there from OKW. Access to the parks is strictly via the bus system (unless you have your own car), which some view as a negative. Olivia's is a pretty nice restaurant at OKW, but not necessarily one of our favorites. The Artist's Palette at SSR has a nice fast-food selection menu (pizza, sandwiches, soups). We have not been at SSR for more than a year now, but I do know they were looking to add a sit-down restaurant there, which would be a big plus if that is done now. I don't know if that helps you at all. Good luck with your decision.

Maleficent's Dad
07-19-2007, 01:31 PM
What are the important differences between these two resorts??
Some of the major differences have already been listed above (length of contract, etc.).
First: OKW
OKW is an "established resort."
The landscaping is lush and grown in. All rooms have views of golf and/or water from the balconies. (All rooms have balconies!)
At OKW's marina, you can rent watercraft.
Olivia's at OKW is a very nice restaurant; it's not gourmet or overly fancy, but it's an excellent and "safe" choice for dining. Breakfast is hearty. Dinner is tasty. We love the laid back atmosphere and the food (as well as the service).
OKW's buildings are designed differently than SSR. OKW has only 3 buildings with elevators - the rest have stairways - buildings are 3 stories tall. OKW does not have long, straight "outdoor hallways." They do have rooms that lead directly outside, but not to a long hallway - difficult to describe unless you've stayed there or seen it, I guess.
The main area at OKW is a bit more compact than SSR. The main pool does have a sandcastle slide. There is a dolphin fountain adjacent to the pool (near the lighthouse). There are basketball & tennis courts nearby. The pool is at the end of a smallish "boardwalk" area - which houses the main lobby/check-in area, Olivia's Cafe, Good's to Go (take out window), Gurgling Suitcase (small bar), Electric Eel (an arcade), a rental area, and the Community Hall. In front of these areas is the General Store (Conch Flats). It's a small, compact area that's easy to navigate.
OKW is a HUGE resort. Some of the buildings are very far removed from the main area - some love this feature, some hate it.
From OKW, you can walk to DTD (although a bit of a hike), or take the boat from the marina (which stops at SSR enroute).

For us - thumbs up for OKW! :thumbsup:

Another large, sprawling resort!
SSR has improved over its few years in existence! Like OKW, you bus to all parks, or take a boat to DTD (or a short walk).
The pools at SSR probably edge out OKW. SSR has a zero entry (none at OKW) in addition to the slide. They also have a second "themed pool." Whereas I have not swam in the second pool (just recently opened), I have seen it up close (while golfing). It's fun looking, but not overly large in size.
SSR's "main area" is more spread out than OKW's small boardwalk. Adjacent to the pool is the pool bar "On the Rocks" I believe it's called. There's also an area to rent surrey bikes (none at OKW). They also have an arcade adjacent to the pool.
Not too far from the pool is the SPA. This is something that does NOT exist at OKW. DW gives the spa at SSR two big thumbs up! :joy:
In yet another building - not overly far from the pool - you'll find the Artist's Palette. This is a CS type of place. It's a bit odd how it's set up. They will also sell you general goods and foods for your room here. I think the Artist's Palette is still trying to identify itself; we didn't love it. It's VERY busy at Breakfast time here (at least during our visits). :eek:
There are reviews of the Turf Club in the dining forum here - we haven't been to it since it was "redone" a year or so ago. From what I've read, it's very nice dining!
One thing I love about SSR is the fact that it's the only resort (other than SOG) with golf on its property! The LBV course and pro-shop (and driving range, practice green, etc.) are all downstairs from the Turf Club. Major convenience for golfers! :golf:
SSR has walkways and several rooms and areas with fantastic views of DTD.
Finally, SSR is newer - and this has perks and downfalls. Good side is that everything is NEW! Rooms are new, furniture, pools, etc.
Downside is that the resort is still evolving and landscaping is immature yet.

Both resorts:
Both have sit down-restaurants.
Both have numerous pools - main and quiet.
Both have BBQ areas with picnic tables.
Both have Tennis (not sure if SSR has basketball)
Both have Community Halls with nice perks for DVC members (like free DVD rentals) - not all DVC resorts have Community Halls.
Both resorts are large and spread out. You could be far from the main area!

I've not notice OKW being a bit "worn" due to its age. My last stay at OKW was last year, but I'll be again in August. We've been to OKW numerous times, and never have experience something not up to Disney standards! :mickey:

Good luck with your decision!

07-19-2007, 04:16 PM
Maleficent's Dad - thank you for a great post. Form what I can see through pictures, OKW does not look "dated" but due to the age of the resort, it is missing some of the features that SSR has. This plus the difference in ending use year is probably the reason for the price difference between these rsorts ($77/pt avg for OKW vs. $83/pt avg for SSR).

Does SSR have elevators in every building (as opposed to only 3 buildings in OKW)?

Does SSR's 2BR villas have two beds in 2nd bedroom?

Does OKW 2BR villas have two beds in 2nd bedroom?

07-19-2007, 04:30 PM
I don't know about the elevators at SSR or the design of the 2BR at SSR. But, the 2BR at OKW has a king in the master bedroom and 2 queens in the 2nd BR.:thumbsup:

07-19-2007, 04:46 PM
Yes, there are elevators at SSR. We were just there in June. The two bedroom villa has two separate bedrooms. One has a king-sized bed and the other has two queen-sized beds.

Even though we stayed in a Studio room we enjoyed our stay very much!