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King Triton
07-17-2007, 12:19 PM
The end is finally in sight. This is the review of questions 71-80. Only twenty more after this...

In case you missed an earlier review, there's a bunch of links at the end of this post.
Question #71 was a battle of the Disney water parks. The older Typhoon Lagoon, took the prize, with 61% of the vote over Blizzard Beach.

I went with Typhoon Lagoon - the reflected sun from all that white at Blizzard Beach is a little much for me in the middle of the summer. -- atruman

I chose Blizzard Beach. I love the theme, especially in the hot Florida sun! Plus, the Blizzard Beach lazy river is bigger than Typhoon Lagoon. -- disneyfan369

Tough choice! Both are fun and well themed... - darthmacho

Question #72 asked you to pick between the Disney miniature golf courses: Fantasia Gardens and Winter Summerland. Fantasia Gardens won this one, gathering 62% of the vote.

Fantasia Gardens is probably the best miniature golf course I have ever seen. -- Disney_nut

...loved Winter Summerland, because we can pretend it isn't so hot, plus we take our Christmas photo there (around a tree or in Santa's Sleigh). -- biodtl

When is everyone finding the time to play mini-golf at Disney World? I'm always at the parks, so I couldn't vote on this one. -- Pocahontas

Question #73 put a couple of retired attractions against each other: MK's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Epcot's Horizons. Horizons had an easy time of it, capturing 72% of the vote.

Horizons. I wish they would do another futuristic ride incoporating todays science with the possibilities for tomorrow. -- KAT1811

I voted for 20,000 Leagues because it is one of my first memories of Disney -- DawsonAR

That is a tough question!...These were two of my favorites. -- GrmGrninGost

I was curious where everyone is from, meaning how far away from Disney World you call home. Question #74 asked. Interestingly, a little over half of you, 52% live in the USA but are MORE than 1000 miles from the World. The next biggest group live 500-1000 miles away (36%). About 7% of you live 100-500 miles from Orlando and only 2% of you are lucky enough to be less than 100 miles from Disney World. Canada is not to be forgotten either...almost 3% of you are north of the border. One person, or a little less than 1%, is from the United Kingdom and no one spoke up for outside the US, Canada and UK.

So I mapquested it I live in Seattle, Wa and its 3153 miles. But it says it would only take 46hours to drive. -- Lizzie

I have taken the almost 700 mile drive from Tennessee. I hope to never do that again. -- septembergirl

I...live in the southernmost tip of Canada... -- psychotekkie

Question #75 was a hypothetical question. I've heard people saying on the boards that they like Whispering Canyon, but its too noisy and others say they won't go there because of the noise. But, many like it. So, I asked if Whispering Canyon Cafe was to have a "quiet" night each week, where it was more like a traditional restaurant, would you go for it?...or do you like the usual? 71% of you
preferred the usual hijinks.

I'd have to go with the usual - the food is good at WC, but for me the whole point is the antics! -- Tynkerbelle

...I would prefer the quiet night. DH and I aren't into a big shtick with our dinner, which is why we have avoided Whispering Canyon and 50's Prime Time. (Even though I'd like to try the skillet.) -- Kairi_7378

We'd like it either way -- luv_cinderella

Epcot has a couple of festivals that go on different parts of the year. Question #76 asked you to pick between the Flower and Garden festival and the Food and Wine festival. About two-thirds of you (67%) went for the Food and Wine Festival.

Flowers are pretty, but I went with Food and Wine. Because there's food. And wine. -- biodtl

I vote for the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. It makes the whole place so beautiful, we just loved it!! -- January-2007
This was tough... -- avantgardeinker
A lot of you like to take advantage of Extra Magic Hours when you visit. Question #77 asked which you like better: Morning or Evening EMH's. Pretty solid majority for Evening hours (69%).

...I just love the parks at night. They do seem do be even more magical! So as a night owl, definitely evening EMH! -- beksy

We like morning EMH. The people who don't like reaching the park early really don't like getting there even earlier. It's so great to get into the park and be able to get so many rides in before the park fills up. -- Mousefever

Both are fun... -- jedi_jen

This one had a lot of discussion. In Question #78, I gave you a choice between two possible vacations: Stay at a moderate for 5 nights and include tickets and dining, or stay at a Value for 7 nights and include tickets and dining. Most of you (68%) took the time over the resort.

No matter what I'll take the longer visit. I'm not picky on where I lay my head in WDW. We litterally sleep and shower in our rooms. There is just way too much to do in WDW to waste the time at the resort. -- KAT1811

To me the hotel is a continuing part of the experience as a whole. When I'm exhausted from the parks and I want someplace to relax there is nothing like a quiet pool at a beautifully-themed resort. We consider the resort an extension of the theme parks....We stayed at a Value 1 time and I would rather stay fewer days to have the upgrade to the moderate. In fact, that is exactly what we do on our vacations. -- sunlyon
Question #79 was probably the least voted on of the questions so far, which was expected. This kind of obscure question asked which Tonga Toast is better: Kona's or the AK Rainforest Cafe. Kona was the winner here, with 67% of the vote.

Gotta go with the Original, in this case Kona -- BritCody

Rainforest! I love fresh strawberries and bananas! -- GrmGrninGost
After the previous obscure question, you all came back for Question #80. This asked you to pick between two defunct ways you can leave a piece of you at Disney World: the $100 "Walk Around the World" brick at the Magic Kingdom entrance or the $35 "Leave a Legacy" at Epcot. Despite the higher cost, the brick was a clear winner here, with 78% of the vote.

I always wanted a brick around the Magic Kingdom. I wish they still did that. -- January-2007

Leave a Legacy at Epcot. I just think the area is beautiful and it's a great addition. -- Figgyluv03

me and family have both...we own i think its 3 or 4 bricks and we have 4 leave a legacy things...i am very upset about both of them being discontinued... -- DizNee143
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07-17-2007, 08:48 PM
Thanks so much for posting the polls. They are so much fun and I will be sad to see them over!:mickey:

07-18-2007, 04:07 PM
Thanks for the review of the questions. I think I missed a few of them so I'm glad to see them all and the results. I too can't believe they're almost over! Maybe you can change it to the Year of 200 Questions and maybe no one will notice? :mickey:

07-18-2007, 05:12 PM
I am at the point when I get so excited for the days pool and then I have that hesitation because at this point the more polls means we are closer to the end. It is sort of like being in WDW and you're so excited for the next day for the next park and the next special ADR but then it's bittersweet because you're just one day closer to going back to reality.

I am sure going to miss these polls! Hopefully you'll reconsider and go for another 100!!!

07-19-2007, 09:52 AM
:( I never miss one of your questions! Thanks for all of your hard work...I am sure lots of Intercotees (including myself) will be sad when we reach the last question.