View Full Version : My Friends Tigger and Pooh

06-17-2007, 08:53 AM
If you haven't caught this charming new computer-animated show on the Disney Channel (10 a.m. Eastern on Saturdays, 1 p.m. on Sundays), you have to see it!

It's such a cute little show (I think I'm particular to the little 3-D Lumpy). If you have little ones who love Pooh, Tigger and friends, or you just love them yourself -- check it out!! :mickey:

06-18-2007, 03:54 PM
I happened to watch it for a few minutes on Saturday with my daughter. It is a cute show. However, first think I thought was "who is this girl, why is she in the Hundred Acre Wood" and "Where is Christopher Robin". To which my daughter answered that if all of the talking animals can be in the Hundred Acre Wood courtesy of Christopher Robin's imagination, then this girl could too. Couldn't argue with that.

06-19-2007, 11:30 AM
My older brother thought that Darby (the little girl) could have been Christopher Robin's daughter.