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This is the final wrapup of the first half. Its all downhill from here. In case you missed any of the reviews of questions 1-40, there are links at the end you can follow.

Question #41 asked which side of Downtown Disney you prefer: West Side or Marketplace. I had suspected Marketplace would win this, but I was surprised how easily. 94% of you voted for Marketplace.

I have to go with the Marketplace. World of Disney, Ghiradelli, and the Christmas Store!! Plus we have a tradition of getting our picture taken in front of the fountains next to the World of Disney. It's one of those sentimental things. -- BritCody

...I love the [West Side]...the atmosphere is so cosmopolitan, there are lots of little unique things to find and explore, and you feel like you're walking in the middle of a street party every night, where everyone is so friendly...I love it. -- TIdoubleGR

That one was tough. Marketplace has all the great shopping, but West Side has the best restaurants. -- avantgardeinker
Question #42 asked about Mission:Space. Do you go for the intense ride as a member of the orange team, the non-spinning version (green team), or do you skip it altogether? Larger than usual response to this question. Almost 20% of you will not ride Mission:Space. Of those that do, 70% of you go for the orange version.

I always ride the Orange Team!!!! It does make me dizzy but I have never had any problems afterwards. I think it is the closest I will ever get to a real space trip. -- DDuck66

Love space stuff. Hate motion sickness. Gotta go green..... -- Stu25973

Been there, done that and definitely NOT going back!! -- Tynkerbelle
Question #43 was geared at folks that travel with too many for a "normal" single room. Would you go for an All-Star Suite or a Fort Wilderness Cabin? 70% of you chose the Fort Wilderness Cabin.

I voted FW Cabins. I have always wanted to stay there and for the money, I think it is a better deal. Closer to MK, and the fun FW offers! -- Mickey91

I voted for the All Star suites...The pool, or lack of one, was the major deciding factor. We love to take an afternoon break from the parks and go swimming -- tink2006

I'd easily stay in either, so it was a tough choice. I love the theming of All-Stars and I kow my kids would love the suites, but I love camping and the whole outdoorsy wilderness feel of the cabins. -- biodtl
Question #44 asked you to pick from two counter service eateries at different parks. Would you pick Epcot's Electric Umbrella, or Magic Kingdom's Cosmic Ray's? Cosmic Ray's was an easy winner here, picking up 79% of the vote.

I chose Cosmic Rays. I think that they have more choices for a counter serivce restaurant. Plus the entertainment keeps the kids busy a little longer. -- KAT1811

I love the Electric Umbrella! To sit in there and watch the Epcot Fountain and listen to the music playing with it, I don't think any other counter service could be any more relaxing. -- Pastcastmemberdaughter

Actually, neither. -- sleepingbooty
Question #45 was a ticketing question. If you factor in cost, do you prefer tickets that expire, or those that don't? A solid majority, almost 68% of you, voted for purchasing tickets that expire 14 days after their first use.

We've never had a problem using all the days on our tickets and don't see the need to have tickets that don't expire. -- avantgardeinker

Unless I'm only going to WDW for a couple of days, I go with the no expiration option...I don't generally use all the days when I'm there for a couple of weeks..., so I usually have a few days left that will cover me when I want to do a long weekend. -- Tynkerbelle
Question #46. Simple question: Animal Kingdom or Disney-MGM Studios (or whatever its named this week)? Animal Kingdom seems to be winning some converts. The vote was fairly close, but Animal Kingdom won with 54% of the vote.

We love things about every park, but I could ride the Safari many times every day. Every trip on the safari is a new adventure with new animal sighting every time. I could spend hours just sitting or standing watching the birds and the monkeys enjoying themselves. Love everything about A2nimal Kingdom! -- Magic_Smiles

Definitely Disney-MGM Studios! I love this place! The Great Movie Ride is awesome! Rock-n-Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Star Tours,Fantasmic,Beauty and the Beast, and Muppets 3-D are great!! And my favorite thing there? It's got to be all the characters you can meet! How cool! Also, I love the whole atmosphere of the place. -- GrmGrninGost

Its a toss up. I like them both for different reasons. -- sleepingbooty
Question #47 was probably one of the least popular questions, which was expected. It also was the closest so far, with only one vote separating the winner and loser. Going offsite, Marriott World Center outpolled Gaylord Palms, taking 51% of the vote.

The first time we went to [WDW] we stayed at the Marriot because we went with family and could not get res inside [WDW]. It is a great place to stay. Alot of fun for kids and parents. -- Deesdisney

I voted for the Gaylord Palms. I have stayed a few times at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, and it is a beautiful hotel. -- Jen66

Who cares? I'm an on-site type of guy! -- GrmGrninGost
The close voting continued with Question #48, asking you to choose between Downtown Disney restaurants Fulton's and Wolfgang Puck. In a vote that went back and forth, Wolfgang Puck emerged the winner, with 53% of the vote.

I voted for Wolfgang Puck's. They have a good selection and good food, and it's a great deal on the DDP. -- Spaceship Tigger

I prefer the atmosphere at Fultons much better and that, for me, makes it a better place to eat. Empress Lilly was my first character breakfast, so I will always love that boat. :-) -- jenperich

I don't think this is a [fair] question -- Belle_0717
Question #49 asked you how far ahead you typically plan a Disney vacation. There were three choices: more than 9 months out, 3 to 9 months out and less than 3 months out. Once again -- a very close vote. You are advance planners -- the less than 3 months out only received about 5% of the vote. The winner was 3-9 months out, with 49% of the vote. More than 9 months out followed closely with 46% of the vote.

All of our big summer vacations (WDW every other year or so, and other places on other years) are planned about 6-7 months. We try to know by January where we are going, and then start heavy planning in the spring. -- Jen66

We usually plan at least a year in advance. I'm a little bit obsessive about my Disney trips and don't want to leave any stones unturned. Once I decide to go I can't stop thinking about it. I get so excited, and the planning helps to pass the time. -- avantgardeinker
The close voting streak ended with Question #50, which also ended the first half of the questions. In this one, you were asked to pick between the similar Dumbo and Aladdin rides. Despite the longer lines, Dumbo the Flying Elephant was victorious, with 71% of the vote.

Hey! Nothing beats flying around Fantasyland! This type of ride would be totally skipable in any other setting. But with Cindy's Castle and Carrosel in view, flying with Dumbo is just one of those classic Disney moments. -- MOJoe

I voted for the carpets. We rode it at night last time and the whole area just had a magical feel to it. Also - getting on Dumbo is such a mess. It always seems disorganized. -- kathiep

To tell you the truth I do not care for either ride. Up, down, around, and a total waste of time (all 90 seconds of it). -- KAT1811
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These questions are great. Thanks:mickey:

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Having a great time with these questions. :thumbsup: I'll sure miss them when they're gone. :sob: Maybe we can have a surprize second season? Questions 101 - 200?