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06-09-2007, 05:23 PM

We are looking at possible vacation destinations for next May. My son is graduating from Kindergarten and he wants to go to WDW like his big brother did two years ago on his K graduation. DH and I are up for something different. It will either be Universal Orlando, WDW and Seaworld to change things up a bit or Disneyland since we have never been. Looking at hotels we definitely know we want to stay at the Disneyland hotel. DS is a huge peter pan fan and I think he would just love the pool there. I am having a hard time finding resort rates on the web. I even called the resort and they didn't have any rates for next year yet and couldn't give me this year's rates during value seasons:confused:. So I was just wondering if anyone here can help me out. We would be going mid May and it appears that that time period will be value season. About what price do you guys think the rates will be per night? Aslo any suggestions, tips or ideas to make our visit better would be great. We plan to spend 3 days in the parks, do the San Diego Zoo and Sea world one day, do Universal one day and hit the beach one day. Any other suggestions? Thanks so much!

06-09-2007, 06:49 PM
Get the southern California City Pass; you can purchase it in place of your regular DL tickets on the Disneyland website. It gets you into the San Diego zoo, Universal Studios, & 3 days at DL. It may even have other things to offer.

06-12-2007, 02:57 PM
Basic rate is usually $250 per night. And I highly recommned the DLH, the pool and hot tub are awesome. And so is the atmosphere of the hotel. This is were a good travel agent comes in handy or you can do this yourself. Book a room as soon as rates become available and keep a watch out for any specials, then call and have your reservation switched to the special. Travel agents have these specials emailed to them so they know about them before they are released to the public. Try booking an entire vacation package through Southwest Vacations or any airlines that fly out of your airport. Usually get it cheaper that way. I know with Southwest, if you fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday, it is a lot cheaper when they have specials, about $400 cheaper for a family of four to fly to California from Albuquerque. So if you fly out on a Tuesday and fly back on a Tuesday, the savings can be substantial. You can get bus tours of Universal Studios and San Diego, we used them in the past to visit Universal Studios, Hollywood, and San Diego and they worked out quite well. Or you go 180 and take a Disney Cruise!