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05-31-2007, 09:39 AM
Hi everyone :mickey: We are owners at SSR and bought the minimum at the time (150). We plan to roll them every other year to use a 2bed room for a week. We'll be going for our first time as DVC members in just under 4 months and are so excited to see everything :party: (we've never stepped foot inside SSR even though be bought in) :blush: Anyway, I keep getting all of this AK info in from DVC and finally decided to look into it more. I spoke with our rep, Gib yesterday. He told me that to get the discount on the points you have to buy by June 4th, and suggested that if we bought 100 pts we could do the "Bank and Borrow" game each year...staying at SSR one year, AKL the next, etc. Rolling the AKV 100 pts would give us 200 every other year (which isn't enough for a 2bd)...does anyone know if you can bank/borrow from 2 resorts, meaning...roll the SSR/AKV on alternate years leaving us with a "total" of 250 each year technically? I'm so confused :confused: and probably can't pull this off ($$$) anyway....but it got me wondering. Thanks for any input. :)

05-31-2007, 12:25 PM
Yes, with some planning, you certainly can bank and borrow your total points to enjoy a trip each year. But something you need to keep in mind. If you have 150 points at SS and 100 at AKLV, you can only use the 'home resort' points to get the benefit of making reservations 11 months in advance. For any reservations made 7 months or less in advance, you can use all the points. But, for example, if you need 220 points for AKLV, but only have 200 available, you cannot make a full reservation 11 months out.

This is probably more confusing, but I hope it helps a little.