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05-09-2007, 08:47 PM
I am considering renting some points from dvc member. I wanted WL, but no openings during the dates i need. OKW and SSR are available though. Can someone answer a few questions about them?

which do you like better and why?
I hear OKW is really spread out. I am taking my girls alone(age 5 and 7) how is the walking distance at SSR?

Do pools have slides???

which is closest to MK? and which in your opinion has best bus service??? thanks much!

05-10-2007, 03:56 AM
Hi there!

I have stayed at both resorts (though OKW more) and like both, however, I prefer OKW. It has a very relaxed feel that we enjoy after a long day in the parks. It is spread out, but if you request to be by the Hospitality House (the main check-in area with restaurant and main pool), although there is a bus stop near each section of the resort. When my siblings and I were younger, one of our favorite parts of the vacation was when we got to hang out by the pool (we always asked when hang out days were!). We rented bikes or surrey bikes and rode around the resort, played shuffle board, or participated in the numerous crafts or activities hosted by Community Hall. I think SSR offers this, but OKW does a great job. Mary Ann, a CM, did it for several years and we always looked forward to pool time. We are also fans of BBQ-ing at the pool at OKW.

The rooms at OKW are larger and have larger balconies, so if you prefer some extra space, OKW has one up on SSR.

Both resorts have waterslides (the one at OKW is fun) and quiet pools. SSR's pool does have a zero entry if you are interested in that. Both are about equally far from MK, and we don't usually have trouble with the buses at OKW.

SSR has a counter-service style restaurant but no sit-down since it is right next to DD. OKW has Olivia's, which also features a character breakfast. SSR doesn't have quite the laid-back feel of OKW. Both resorts also have a ferry that runs to DD.

I don't think the walking at OKW would be too difficult, especially if you request to be near the Hostpiality House for kids activities and so on. I would recommend OKW, but I'm sure someone with more SSR experience will be along shortly to give you some info about it so you can make a more balanced decision. If you have any questions, please ask! (I love OKW and enjoy sharing!)

Katie :mickey:

05-10-2007, 07:35 AM
SSR is our home resort and we love it. BW is actually our favorite. SSR is new and has great access to DTD and golf. OKW has the same but is more laid back. Both resorts are spread out so room selection is important. Congress Park at SSR offers the best view of DTD but is alittle walk from the pool and main areas. Studio 2410 is our favorite at OKW. This right on the 6th hole of LBV Golf Club and a 2 minute walk to the pool, dining, lobby and marina. Both are very nice places to stay.

05-10-2007, 07:39 AM
Thanks much. Just hearing you love the places makes me feel better. I can get OKW much cheaper and last year when I took my niece I pulled out all the straws and did everythign I could to make it some of the best days of her life. So money is an issue this year. Thanks for the room suggestions.... anyone have links to the pool slide pics. My girls will be 5 1/2 and "almost" 8 when I take them.

EDITED: I found some slide pics, looks very little girl friendly. The pool with the slide is the pool by the Hospitality House ???? tks again.

05-10-2007, 08:25 PM
Your girls shouldn't have any trouble on the slide at OKW, it is little person friendly, but still fun for big kids too! And yes, the slide at OKW is at the main pool at the Hospitality House. My family and I are going down in a few weeks and can't wait to get to our home away from home- OKW. Enjoy your trip!

Maleficent's Dad
05-10-2007, 09:37 PM
Some things have changed at OKW over the years, so I'll try to clear them up...

SSR has a counter-service style restaurant but no sit-down since it is right next to DD. OKW has Olivia's, which also features a character breakfast.
SSR does have a sit down restaurant now at the Turf Club.
OKW has not had the Pooh character breakfast since (about) 2002.
Both do have sit-down restaurants! :thumbsup:

We do prefer OKW for its accomodation's size. The resort is also more mature than SSR and very relaxing!

SSR has a nice pool - zero entry as mentioned. It has great activities as well.

Both are great, but SSR, to us, has to "mature" a bit and find its niche (just MHO). The reviews on SSR have gotten much better lately, and since we haven't been back there in a few years, we want to retry that place!

We do love OKW, however, and feel that if you're close to the Hospitality House, it's a great place! :mickey:

05-10-2007, 11:27 PM
My family prefers SSR to OKW.
First, the OKW pool area seems a little crowded and cramped. The pools may be the same size, but SSR seems to be more open with fewer obstructions around the deck area. The slide at OKW is very cool, shaped as a sand castle and all, but SSR has an equally fun slide, plus a much smaller slide for little ones that might not enjoy the speed of a large slide. In addition, SSR has several smaller pools that are close to the other buildings, so there is almost always a pool nearby and you don't have to go to the trouble of requesting a specific location or hiking to the main pool. The zero-entry feature is also great for small kids that might not be the best of swimmers.
Second, both resorts are very close to each other and equally distant from the parks. The bus service at OKW seems to take forever to get out of the resort as it makes several stops throughout the resort area. SSR has fewer stops in the resort and gets on the way much faster. We have decided that driving is just faster and easier for us than boarding a crowded bus for the ride to and from the parks. SSR is also within walking distance of DD and that can be a very nice stroll along the lake to all the fun to be had there. Goofy's Candy Shop is an absolute MUST for our family when we go.
Finally, we like SSR just because it is newer and cleaner. OKW is very well-maintained as all the resorts are, but it just has that "lived in" look about it. SSR is like moving into a new home or buying a new car. It still has that new car smell.
In conclusion, we still go to OKW often for two reasons: it's cheaper and the rooms are a bit larger.
Oh, yeah. OKW also does not have elevators and sometimes hiking up three flights of stairs can be a chore after a day walking around WDW parks.
I'm sure you will be happy with either, but if I had my choice, I would choose SSR unless points are tight. Hope this helps.:mickey:

05-14-2007, 02:42 PM
I just wanted to piggy back on what Mr. Sanders said - I've stayed at OKW (just this past weekend!)- it looks a bit "lived in" - the tile in the bathrooms needs to be regrouted, and the bathrooms have been painted enough times where it's painted over paint drips, etc. With the amount of use they get - well it looks like a 15 year old resort. Not that it's bad, but SSR is brand new and it shows.

I will probably not stay at OKW again, I'll stick with SSR.
Hope this helps, don't mean to sound harsh, but that was my experience with OKW.