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Mar. 7, 1983 – Disney’s limited TV series of 6 episodes “Small and Frye” began airing on CBS. (Ended June 15, 1983)
Mar. 7, 1993 – The Disney Channel Premiere film “Spies” aired.
Mar. 7, 1997 – Disney released “Jungle 2 Jungle” starring Tim Allen, Lolita Davidovich, JoBeth Williams, and Martin Short.
Mar. 7, 1997 - Disneyland’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” reopened to celebrate its 30th Anniversary.
Mar. 7, 2000 - Pinocchio returned to home video and DVD.
Mar. 7, 2001 – Disney’s “Jungle Adventures On Ice” opened at the Minneapolis Target Center.
Mar. 7, 2003 – The Disney Touchstone Pictures/Columbia Pictures film “Bringing Down the House” was released.
Mar. 7, 2004 – The “Lion King Carnival” came to an end at Disneyland Paris.
Mar. 7, 2005 – Film producer, writer and director Debra Hill (known for such classics as Halloween) passed away in Los Angeles, Ca. In 1988, Hill signed a contract with Walt Disney Pictures for her Debra Hill Productions and produced the 1989 feature Gross Anatomy, short films for Disney theme parks and an NBC special for Disneyland’s 35th anniversary.
Mar. 7, 2005 – It was announced that the Disney-based Mandeville Films (who are shooting The Shaggy Dog a sequel to the 1959 Disney film The Shaggy D.A.) will start production on a new Swiss Family Robinson feature in Sept. at the Queenslands Warner Roadshow Studios in Australia.

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