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King Triton
04-30-2007, 09:35 AM
I'd like to thank you all for your participation so far in the "Year of 100 Questions" concept. Most of the topics have received over 100 votes and your comments have been entertaining as well. I didn't want to just ask the questions and have the answers drop off the edge of the earth, so I thought that after every 10 or so where the polls have closed (they're open for a week), I'd step back and review.

The purpose of each of them is to make you think. While some, maybe most, of the responses have been predictable, they've all had a lively discussion. Next is a review of the first 10 questions, along with a "majority opinion", a "minority opinion" and someone on the fence, if available.

Question #1 asked you to pick between Tomorrowland Transit Authority and the Walt Disney World Railroad. Over 150 votes were cast and 69% of you picked Tomorrowland Transit Authority.

TTA is one of my very favorite rides in all of WDW. I had to vote for my happy place!! -- ChipnDaleGal

WDWRR, why; because it is majorly awesome -- ghost999

I wouldn't vote. I like them both equally. I don't like choosing between rides. These are both great rides, very relaxing, able to see different parts of the park while on them. Nothing could make me choose. -- DisneyMom2000

Strange how a simple question makes one think so hard. Even more strange is that the question's subjects are about two amusement park rides, yet, I've been contemplating it, and analyzing the answers for the past few minutes as though I was trying to solve more important subjects like world peace and global warming. -- DarthMacho

Question #2 asked you to make the difficult choice between Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge. A little over 100 votes were cast, and about 60% of you picked Wilderness Lodge.

I'd have to go with Wilderness Lodge. The themeing at both is great and the both feel like an experience in and of themselves, but for me the feeling at WL is just wonderful! Plus, the location makes WL more attractive. -- Brer Longhorn

AKL will get our vote every time. We love the story telling and the CM involvement, the animals, the peace and quiet, the romance of the savannah...can't wait for next trip! -- disneyfan1124

Talk about 2 resorts being evenly matched! -- wilshade

Question #3 took you and your empty stomachs to the Animal Kingdom Lodge and asked you to pick between Boma and Jiko. Not surprisingly, Boma was the pick. A little surprising to me was how easily, as Boma picked up 78% of the vote.

Boma all the way! The food this is so good, thank goodness its all you can eat. lol -- GlitterDisneyGirl

The ambience at Jiko is wonderful and the food is just YUM-O! -- mudpuppysmom

I have not eaten at either and have very little desire to do so -- BronxTigger

Question #4 took you out of the parks to choose between two very different nighttime shows: Hoop De Doo Revue or Cirque du Soleil: La Nouba. This was a fairly close vote, with Hoop De Doo Revue gathering 56% of the vote.

HdDR is absolutely a blast. I remember seeing it when I was a kid and Pioneer Hall had all those "new" arcade games and the Big Al vibrating chair. La Nouba is fun as well, but I prefer the classic. -- BigRedDad

With Cirque du Soliel, ... I was AMAZED. Every night is a breathtaking performance and I could see it over and over again. I go every year I visit DW and am continually impressed with the acrobatics and theatrics these people are able to put on. -- IwannabeAprincess

Talk about a question splitting hairs!! Both of these shows are excellent for an evening of entertainment, especially if you have not seen either one before. -- Jasper

Question #5 put two of the big Epcot rides against each other: Soarin' vs. Test Track. Test Track took an early lead, but Soarin' stormed by and won easily, capturing 72% of the over 170 votes cast.

Soarin' just takes my breath away!! It is absolutely one of the best at WDW! -- Mickey91

I voted for Test Track, which is somewhere in my top ten favorite rides. I like it because of the variety of experiences, not just the thrills, that you can get on this ride. -- darthmacho

This is a tough one. Really it could go either way and I appreciate both on so many levels... --- Vanlandingham

Question #6 posed a hypothetical question. If the Dream Squad came up to you and gave you a choice of prizes: a night in Cinderella's Castle on your current trip (which is a real prize) or a week in a moderate on a future trip (which is not a real prize), which would you pick? This was a fairly close vote, with the week in the moderate winning with about 55% of the vote. I didn't count the replies, but I think the Castle voters were more passionate and there were more Castle replies.

I really like this question. I had to think. Do I want to be a queen for the night or a princess for a week? Princess for sure. Why not? Another trip to Disney and only have to pay for airfare and food. That's my kind of trip -- Belle_0717

Staying at a Value resort 1 Week.... $574-$987
Staying at a Moderate.... $1015-$1575
Staying at a Deluxe.... $2100-$7735
Staying in Cinderella Castle 1 Night..... Priceless!!!!!
I don't know how to put a price on something as rare as staying in the Castle even for one night. -- caryrae

That's just wrong. Totally unfair question. -- illini

Question #7 had you pick from two restaurants that are known more from their CM interaction than their food: 50's Prime Time Cafe in DS/MGM and Whispering Canyon Cafe in the Wilderness Lodge.

Once again, voting was pretty close, but Whispering Canyon Cafe was the winner with about 56% of the vote. There were also several negative responses towards both -- that may give me an idea for a future question.

I love Whispering Canyon Cafe! I've had far more CM interaction there than at 50's Prime Time. I would choose it any day -- ibelieveindisneymagic

I truly love 50's Prime Time and I can't see eating anywhere else for the best interaction with your waiter. -- poeticeclipse

Wow - that was a really tough choice! I love both places... -- Tynkerbelle
Ugh, I hate them both. Just let me eat my dinner! -- SBETigg

Question #8 asked you to decide whether to use Disney's Magical Express or rent a car. In a decisive vote, 83% of you chose Disney's Magical Express. But here's the weird part. At pretty much the same time I asked this question, Goes4FastPass put up a very similar poll. In that one (as of this writing) 50% picked rent the car, 38% Disney's Magical Express and 12% Taxi/Limo. Very different
results for a very similar poll. So, I have no idea what to think...

I like the idea of not having to drive....a great vacation...no worries -- Caroleh

We always rent a car if we fly. We don't want to be stuck on property for our whole vacation and don't want to pay the cab fare to venture out into Orlando. -- avantgardeinker

Not a huge DME fan but I certainly wouldn't rent a car in WDW. -- KAT1811

Question #9 was a popular question asking you to choose between the two DS/MGM big attractions: Rock 'n Roller Coaster or Tower of Terror. Over 170 votes on this poll; Tower of Terror prevailed, picking up 58% of the vote.

I went with Tower of Terror. Although they are both great rides, the theming and attention to detail in ToT is hard to beat. -- Damon18

I went with Rockin Roller Coaster.... LOVE the takeoff, plus love a roller coaster with a theme, and the music! -- cinderellagrl

Oh come on, that's unfair! I like both rides!!! -- battle beast

Question #10 asked you whether you take the monorail or ferry from the TTC to the Magic Kingdom. Not surprisingly, the monorail was an easy winner, picking up about 80% of the vote.

Disney's not Disney without the monorail. -- pianobabe

I love taking the ferry over. Standing on deck watching the MK coming closer and closer and all the goings on around. The other boats on the lake, the monorails, looking over at the hotels. It adds to the excitement. -- c&d

I love both. ...while the Monorail is certainly very Disney, for me, the Ferry is decidedly Disney WORLD -- dixielandings

Spaceship Tigger
05-01-2007, 10:03 AM
Nice to see all of the results in one place. I don't normally have the time to go back and see how each poll ended...

05-01-2007, 10:48 AM
Thank you for posting all the results so far. And more importantly, thank you for posting the polls. As Mr. Darth Macho himself has already said, I find myself pondering these questions as if I were choosing which of my family members I like most.

Thanks! :thumbsup:

05-01-2007, 11:46 AM
Very nice wrap up for the first ten questions. Thanks for taking the time to put all of this together, I think it's just great fun. :mickey:

05-02-2007, 10:23 AM
thanx for the results of all the polls...i enjoyed reading about the results...cant wait to read about the next ten...thanx for doing all this for us!!! :mickey:

05-02-2007, 10:25 AM
I heart the year of 100 questions!

05-02-2007, 09:00 PM
Thanks King! It was great to see all of the results in one place. Great job with these polls...they're fun to participate in. :-)