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04-22-2007, 11:15 PM
Back in October of last year after we returned from our trip to WDW I wa at the Toronto Eaton Centre shopping at what was my fav Disney Store. While talking to a Cast member about my trip she offered me a job. I was shocked and found out she was serious as she was the manager. So needless to say I accepted. I resigned from my management position at my other job (which i am still at btw) so i could work here at the Disney Store.

So I did Oct, Nov, and Dec. I knew I was Christmas help no big deal. There were a few issues with the manager. She didn't like how I was in a bad mood one day and litereally called me on it while we were onstage and then hauled me into the back to ream me out about it. Fine we talked it out.

Then on boxing day Dec 26 we talked and she told me I was being kept per diem. Ok no prob since I have another job. But she doesn't like how I won't sell. I personally will not go up to people and try to sell them something. I hate when people do it to me when I shop so i won't do it to them.

Anyways not a big deal because I only work once every three months to maintain my status in hopes of being transferred to a new store out here in Oshawa.

Since we don't live anywhere near downtown Toronto 1.5 hrs away I tend to drop into other Disney Stores closer to where we tend to shop. Fairview Mall was my fav until I ran into the manager of that store who decided that because I didn't hand them my photo id (i tossed it down onto the counter) that she had demanded because I was never given the proper id (apparently my fault too), that I was being rude (who did I think I was) and called my home store to complain about me. Ok almost got canned and got a lecture about buying at other atores.

Fine life goes on. So I siwtched banks and never gave them my new info. I never once received a direct deposit in the 3 months I had worked prior to x-mas so i figured I wouldn't need to. So I check my voicemail to hear a nasty msg from my manager about not giving them my new banking info etc. So I was in Toronto and went down to deal with it. She ended up paying me out of the till and then said "I hope you are going to spend it here!"

Ok fine I was going to buy some stuff. She followed me around the store and was saying ooh get this get that. I will admit I love anything Disney but this was overkill. She told me to go shop the back and I found some shirts I wanted.

So I went to pay and she was ringing me through. She then held up the summer shirt I was buying and announced to the store "LOOK WHAT GLENDON"S BUYING LOL!!" Needless to say I was unhappy at her making fun of the shirt. Then she asked if I was actually going to wear this. And I replied yes and she rolled her eyes. She then continued and yelled out that she was selling the first 3 foot stuffed Ariel. Which I was actually going to put back but it was too late. So $100 later I was leaving with stuff I didn't want.

Ok no prob I was to another mall to have lunch with a friend and her daughter I figured I'll pawn it of on her, No luck she didn't want her to take it. So I went and returned it at the other mall thinking no prob I am not buying anything no big deal. So I did it no prob and headed home.

I got mugged my cell stolen etc. Not a good day. Luckily they did find my wallet etc in a garbage can minus the cash, cell, debit and credit cards. So anyways I called my voicemail to see if anyone found my phone to hear a msg from my manager. she left it at 1:30 the time I was having lunch after returning the Ariel. So i called and talked to another manager told her I was mugged lost my id etc and then she told me the manager of the other called to complain that I was returning at their store. I told her well I wasn't going back downtown and it was right there and frankily after being mugged it was the last thing on my mind.
This is ok for a "guest" to do not a CM. It's an unwritten rule.

So I am so mad that they keep flipping out on me over the stupidest things. It nows seems crystal clear that i am only being kept on to spend money at her store. Other friends from there have quit because she is such a nutcase. I don't know what to do. I only work every 90 days or so but hate all the unwritten rules and other managers calling my store to complain about me.

I seriously think I might quit. Is 30% off really worth this hassle?

advice anyone?

04-23-2007, 12:35 AM
Well, personally, I wouldn't drive 1.5 hours for a part time job. It doesn't seem worth it, especially if part time means every 3 months or so, I don't think you could possibly be getting enough compensation/benefits for it to be worth it. I don't like people "selling" to me either, but when you work at certain stores, that's what you are expected to do, so I don't know what advice to give you about that. When I used to work in retail, most companies wouldn't let us buy at stores other than our home store, I think the ones that did we had to have proof...paystub, etc. I don't think I would stay in a situation like this if you are unhappy. 30% off isn't really worth it.

04-23-2007, 07:30 AM
Its sounds to me like this "crazy" woman dosnt like you. So I would tell someone like you to tell someone like her to stop the nonsense. And if she acts a fool, call human resources. She has to know that her behavior is unacceptable. Stopbher now from treating you and maybe others like garbage.
Good luck.

04-23-2007, 11:02 AM
I'd like to complain about her to HR, but I have no idea how to do that. Also I figure as soon as she finds out about I'll be canned for sure. Not that it much matters anymore.

04-23-2007, 11:36 AM
Maybe arrange to have a meeting with her and your district or regional manager? My memories of working retail are that HR doesn't mean alot and they aren't really helpful. But your district manager is usually the most helpful (if anyone will be) in this type of situation.

04-23-2007, 01:33 PM
Honestly, if you don't need the job (it sounds like you don't) I would quit. Sounds like way too much drama for the benefit of the discount. Plus the drive and the tattling back and forth? I would cut my losses and move on. Be sure to tell HR all about your experience when you leave, too.

04-23-2007, 03:28 PM
It's not worth it, IMHO. I would quit and not look back:thumbsup: Good luck:mickey:

04-23-2007, 04:32 PM
So sorry about the mugging. I pretty much agree with everyone else. Sounds like you are MUCH better off without this crazy lady and that job. Just quit. She is causing you way too much stress.