View Full Version : Does DVC Do the Hard Sell?

04-21-2007, 08:41 PM
We just spent a week at our timeshare resort (Sheraton Vistana). I'm kind of tired of them trying to trick us into another timeshare meeting. Their new thing is calling you a week ahead with a VIP check in appointment. Does DVC try to sell you more while you are there for your vacation or do they pretty much leave you alone? I'm thinking they leave you alone......

04-21-2007, 08:58 PM
They are the total opposite of the "hard sell." I went to a presentation at Sheraton Vistana and walked out of there in tears (literally).

When I bought into DVC, I had to urge my sales rep to please get the paperwork written up (I had a plane to catch). I do receive e-mails and mailings from them with new offers, such as when points are discounted or when new resorts open up, but they never intrude on our vacation.

04-21-2007, 09:06 PM
No hard sell. In fact, there is so much to read and comprehend they encourage you to take everything home and think about it.

It was really a pleasant experience. :cool:

Donald A
04-21-2007, 09:08 PM
They claim it is not a hard sell and I do not know for sure because we bought. If we had not bought, I don't think they would have just let us walk out without pushing a little but at the same time I don't think they would have been too pushy either. We were on a vacation, after all.

However, I do not think they will keep trying to sell stuff now. I mean I am under no obligation to hear another presentation. I will say they do send mailings and stuff about buying more points (Most recently special offers at the new Animal Kingdom Vacation Club Resort.)

Maleficent's Dad
04-21-2007, 09:25 PM
No hard sell.
No hard sell.

My neighbors inquired (enquired?) about OKW (maybe BW?) back in '95. They didn't buy until this past November. Their names were still in the computers, but they hadn't been contacted in many years about it!

It's a very pleasant process! :mickey:

Here we go again...
04-22-2007, 04:40 PM
No hard sell at all. We were there in November and went to SSR just to check it out. Ken showed us around and gave us some paperwork to take home. That was it... We went home and discussed it. 2 months later we bought in. We called Ken about 30 times during those 2 months though. He never called us once...

04-23-2007, 08:11 AM
No hard sell. We did not buy at our presentation or even during our trip. We actually bought from home 7 months later. Only once did they call us before then to follow up.

04-24-2007, 10:22 AM
No hard sell for us either, we just bought into SSR at DVC last night with James. We went to the presentation last Thursday at MK, left the next day and did not visit the model. Then we discussed it for three more days all the pros/cons, my wife calling James at home on his cell Sunday lol even to ask some questions. Then last night when I got home from work we called James back and told him we would like to join. I am so happy with the service and the fact that if we need anything or ever have any questions, we just call James end of story. We got a great deal and paid cash, so we are ecstatic at this point!! It was such a nice feeling to have him say welcome home and having him tell us to let him know when we are coming back down so we can all get together and celebrate properly. I am always leery about investing big money into thing but I can honestly say I am totally comfortable with everything involved in this and excited about what the future holds for my family and my childrens families someday as we start our own great tradition!! :thumbsup:

04-24-2007, 08:42 PM
No hard sell here either. We also took the tour, went home without buying, and called a few weeks later to purchase. There was NO pressure when we were ready to walk out without buying.

Disney does make info available - they send mailings and e-mails, but they don't call. I like it that way.

When you do go "home" to WDW, they let you know about the weekly "member update" meeting, but they don't push it. I've gone to a couple, and they were informal, fun, slide and photo shows. I even got a free DVC hat! :thumbsup:

04-25-2007, 09:53 AM
Hard Sell? Ok you get cookies and drinks while you wait to meet your rep and they may even offer to get you more ! They give as much info as you want, answer as many questions as you have and then take you for ice cream at the end! At some point they may ask you what you think but after your ice cream they have a van ready to take you anywhere on property you're headed to, never once asking you to sign anything. The only thing I remember being hard was the ICE Cream!!:party:

04-25-2007, 11:12 PM
They claim it is not a hard sell and I do not know for sure because we bought.
Disney is the polar opposite of 'hard sell'. We are veterans of 'hard sells'. Our modus operandi while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta was to sign up for multiple presentations (there are lots of resorts in PV) to make sure: 1) We had a free breakfast each day, and 2) We had a free activity (horseback riding, jungle treks, sunset beach dinners, booze cruises) each afternoon/evening. We've said 'No' to some mighty persuasive people.

I think our Disney Guide nearly fell over when we bought about 15 minutes into the presentation. (The only thing we didn't know was how the point system worked.) You just knew it was going to be good. And it has: we did our first add-on before we'd even visited Florida, and we now own at four resorts.

We've stayed in touch with Tommy and have stopped to chat both when he was at DLR and when he moved to WDW.

04-27-2007, 10:04 AM
DVC sells itself....there's no need for a hard sell.

04-29-2007, 10:13 PM
DVC is not even a tiny bit hard sell. Very laid back process. DH and I inquired for many years before finally biting the bullet and buying. No presure at any point along the way. :mickey:

05-05-2007, 10:45 PM
No hard sell either. I just called to get a DVD about the DVC and I mentioned my sister having DVC and cause of the time of year I got a discount because my sister was already a member. They answered all the questions I had but never tried to sell after I indicated that I needed to talk to my DH about buying into DVC. We I called to purchase the process was so smooth.
We just did our first trip 2 weeks ago and they were have a preview of the new AK villas at SSR and they answered all questions but did try to a hard sell. When my husband asked about the point price they gave him the info and he left. The product usually sells it self. Even in the parks or the resort they have someone there to answer questions but they don't try to rope you in per say.

05-06-2007, 08:47 AM
Thanks for all your replies!! They are exactly what I was expecting :thumbsup:

So, once you own, they don't try to get you to come to an "owner's meeting" and buy more points?

I really can't complain about Vistana since it is paid for (only 3800.00) and it costs us only 750.00 per year for our trip BUT I can do without the trickery!

This is what happened to us: they called us about a week before our trip and told us we could check in with a new Owners VIP check in. She asked about our preferences, etc. She started out with my husband and then realized that I am the "owner" so she then asked for me. I had a weird feeling on the phone but it didn't hit me until later that it was a sales pitch. It was. They have you check in and they want you to sign up for a "meeting". Well, I just want to get out of there and get checked in. I tell her very clearly that we have NO intentions of upgrading this year, we've just been through a kidney transplant, etc. and she says just come to the owners meeting. We'll give you 65.00 and you can learn about "what's new". So, stupid me signs the paper thinking a) I won't cash in the voucher for the money and b) I won't attend the meeting. I realize later that I didn't fully READ the voucher and it says if we don't show up for the meeting they are going to charge our credit card the 65.00!!!!!!!

Anyway, we don't cash the voucher and don't go to the meeting. I expected to have to fight the charge but they didn't charge my card. BUT the whole thing is just underhanded trickery! My son asked me why we were waiting to check in (they actually give you a time- clue #1) and I said, "they tricked me". It was pretty funny because it got the attention of two of the sales people and they looked at me and then away very quickly.

My husband was watching the woman who was speaking to me and he said she never broke eye contact until she told me to just sign the paper and then she looked away.

So, next time I'll know better and I'll just go to regular diamond lane check-in. Of course, they'll probably have a new trick so maybe I just shouldn't answer my phone when Vistana calls :blush:

And I do want to point out that we LOVE the resort itself and we love that it doesn't cost us much money compared to what we would have to pay for DVC during our school vacation travel times. If we hit the lottery, we'll be buying DVC but for now we'll just have to get to Disney any way we can!

05-06-2007, 07:22 PM
No, no trickery. We've never been to any meetings or that sort of thing. Once in a while we get mailings about special to buy add on points but no calls ever. And, nothing while we are visiting WDW either. There are member update meetings and events from time to time, but we have never attended.

05-08-2007, 12:09 AM
You may be offered a tour of the model villas but other than that they leave you alone to come to your own conclusions.:thumbsup:

05-08-2007, 12:30 AM
No hard sell for us, we didn't buy that day, but called our sales rep back the next morning.

That was 6 years ago. No regrets.

Keep in mind that most people in this discussion have bought DVC and are big fans, so we may be a bit biased :)

05-13-2007, 03:54 AM
We were just there on May 4th for the tour and talk, there was no pressure at all, sales agent called, us at home in May 10 to see if we have any other questions. We are still on the fence, not sure if this is the right time for us. There was more pressure at the information stand at Downtown Disney. DS was going up to the CM at the stand to look at his pins, when he asked us if we would like any information about DVC. DH said not interested, and cast member asked why and so the story goes, about 25min. later we were on a golf cart and on our way. About 1 hours later we went back to CM to thank him. Got ice cream and $45 dollar gift cards and some information to think about. DS was happy he got to hang out in a play room.

05-15-2007, 03:02 PM
Oh there's a trick alright!!! It's that the tactics are so easy going and everyone from the Mousekeeping to the President of DVC (we met him at an members meeting) are so nice and attentive to your enjoyment during your vacation time that you have a really tough time figuring how can you not join.
Look how many folks here go home with the info and still keep thinking about it. Even after a few years!!! They have to take another look.
You just can't help yourself. WELCOME HOME, WELCOME HOME, WELCOME HOME. It's just so alluring:cloud9:
Seriously though. The product is first class. We love it and just had the outlaws come with us to SSR for a week. They are world travelers and totally loved it and were impressed with the service, grounds, accomadations of all the resorts we took them to see at WDW.
So the trick is quality. It's nice to get real quality for your money these days.

05-15-2007, 03:06 PM
No hard sell at all. :mickey:

I do hear from my rep when we are there though, she always calls just to welcome us home and say hello. It is a nice gesture, not a sales pitch at all.

05-15-2007, 03:12 PM
We went to a presentation back in '03 and walked out without buying and Ricardo (our rep) couldn't have been nicer about it.

He let us go with no pressure, called us back once at home to see if we had decided, and was very professional when I told him we hadn't made up our minds yet.

This time we went back and it was the same way ... very low key ... they pretty much let the program speak for itself and let you decide.

Definitely no hard sell.