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04-16-2007, 10:10 PM
I have been reading several of the Intercot posts from today and noticed that my heart dropped for some but also soared for others. And I thought it was just interesting that no matter where we are in our walks of life there will be things that are blessings to us and other things that cause to wish or pray.

We all share this common "love" for the Mouse and I appreciate that I can go on this website and feel close to those I have never met nor will probably ever meet. So as we share the Mouse I would like to say that I share your burden and/or your excitement.

Several have been in my prayers today; those connected w/ the Virgina Tech incident, our Military, our Government, those who have lost, those who have gained and smiled, those who suffer and for those who are content. I know this is all so mushy and really off the wall...but I wanted to send out a e-hug to all..may your tomorrow by magical and bright!

...and Keep Moving Forward (Walt Disney)


04-16-2007, 10:33 PM
That is exactly how I feel about Intercot. I started coming here just to get info on the lastest rumors, rehabs, and what resort to stay at and I ended up finding a second home. I have yet to meet any other Intercotees,(well, besides my boyfriend and cousin :D ) but I really feel as if you guys are my family. I come here when I have exciting news and sad news and someone is always there to share in my emotions. And I try to be there for the rest of you as well. Your well wishes in both good times and bad mean more than you'll ever know. Thank you JohnY and everyone else involved with the site for creating a place of refuge for us in a world that can be crazy and cruel sometimes.

04-17-2007, 05:46 AM
I agree with both of you with the exception that I'm about to meet a whole bunch of Intercotee's on April 22nd at MK.:mickey:

99% of the people you meet here are good souls that have a common thread. We love the mouse, but it goes much deeper than that. We love family and we love to be loved. :cloud9:

I've had a lot of death around me this winter :( and every time I've turned to Intercot and my freinds to help me regain my spirit. :)

Yes, it was JoyhnY that started this but it is the Mod's who make sure it is family fun all the time. And this makes it a great place to hang out ! :D


Jeri Lynn
04-17-2007, 06:02 AM
My feelings are the same as the posters above, but my words could not be as eloquently written, Intercot and its members are the best!

04-17-2007, 10:13 AM
LauraLee, you and Pogo said it best -- this is a wonderful site, and it goes way beyond just a shared love for Disney.

When I first joined in '05, it was to get tips for our upcoming trip. But the reason I stayed on is because of the friendships I have made, and the love & caring I have seen on this site that is more than just excitement about an upcoming trip. People matter here, and that is what makes this site unique.

So, to all who make Intercot such a wonderful place to hang out and catch up on all the Disney and non-Disney "stuff" out there, a great big :grouphug: and :thanks: :thanks: You guys are the best! :thumbsup: