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Donald A
04-13-2007, 10:42 AM
I just saw on the DVC member website that only members can make ADRs when using their points to stay at WDW. I imagine this puts another strain on those renting points. No offense, because I imagine renting points costs a significant amount of money, but DVC is a club for its members. When you sign up, there is no talk of renting points. I had no idea people even rented points until I started spending time here on intercot after I bought in.

It would be a huge liability, I would think, to not let non-members use member services to do major things like make and cancel reservations or even mailing confirmation information to non-members. The contract is between Disney Vacation Development and the given member. I would think that Disney's intent to deal with non-members regarding these matters would be to create a different channel to do so (ie, a non-member can book a DVC resort villa through Disney directly).


Once again, I just saw on the DVC member website that only members will be able to make ADRs for a DVC resort stay using points. As a member, I think that is a bit absurd to do this.

While I was not told about renting points, I was told about giving trips as gifts and stuff before I bought in. Because of this fact, I think whoever has their name on the reservation (per the member) should be able to do these necessary vacation planning things like make ADR and book ME. After all someone is paying a significant amount of money for all this.

04-13-2007, 10:52 AM
My parents gave us a 2 bedroom at OKW for Sept. and I had no problem call DVC services or making Dining ressies through Disney dining.:mickey:

Donald A
04-13-2007, 11:01 AM
My parents gave us a 2 bedroom at OKW for Sept. and I had no problem call DVC services or making Dining ressies through Disney dining.:mickey:

This information was in the latest edition of the email newsletter and read as follows:

Member Services are for Members only
Please remember that Member Services only serves individuals listed on a Disney Vacation Club Membership. When a Member calls Member Services, a Vacation Advisor verifies the Member's name and two forms of identification (Membership number, last four digits of Social Security Number, address or phone number).

Guests listed on Members' vacation reservations no longer are able to call Member Services to book or change dining reservations, Disney's Magical Express transportation services, etc. Instead, the Member must call to initiate these transactions. This policy is designed to maintain the exclusivity of Member Services and to make the best use of Members' Annual Dues.

Were you on the dining plan? Maybe that is what this applies to as I think if you get the dining plan you have to do that and make reservations through member services.

04-13-2007, 11:13 AM
It's true that only members can now call MS. It's true that only members can add the DDP to a DVC reservation.

But that doesn't mean renters can't make ADRS - they just have to call Disney Dining to do it. No one has to make ADRs through MS (even if they have the DDP on their reservation) - it's just a convenience that MS offers to members.

But IMHO, there's no good reason for anyone (member or not) to call MS to make ADRs - just call Disney Dining. (For those members who don't know, there are toll free numbers for Disney Dining as well as for MS).

While I am a member, I have had absolutely no problem calling DIsney Dining to make ADRS - whether I am on the DDP or not. Renters will not have a problem either - if/when questioned, you just tell the Dining CM that you have a DVC reservation. I've not heard of any renters that had a problem making ADRs with Disney Dining.

If you call MS to make ADRs, you tie up the CMs unnecessarily and you could miss out on getting a popular ADR time. Disney DIning is open 7 days a week and has longer daily hours than MS.

04-13-2007, 11:30 AM
We traded in through Interval. My parents aren' t DVC members. DVC has a seperate line they will transfer you to so you can speak to a Interval Disney agent. I hope that made sense. When I call DVC member services there is a choice for Interval and we can get all the info we need. As in adding ME, Dining, etc. :mickey: