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Apr. 10, 1964 – Walt Disney arrived in N.Y.C. to oversee his 4 exhibits at the upcoming World’s Fair.
Apr. 10, 1972 – At the 44th Academy Awards, Disney’s “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” won an Oscar for Visual Effects.
Apr. 10, 1982 – Disney’s TV movie “The Adventures of Pollyanna” aired.
Apr. 10, 1987 – Disney’s Foreign Theatrical release of the television cartoon “The Gummi Bears: Faster Than a Speeding Tummi” took place.
Apr. 10, 1988 – Disneyland’s “America Sings” closed in Tomorrowland, and had been in operation since 1974.
Apr. 10, 1992 – Disney’s live-action feature film, “Newsies” was released in theaters.
Apr. 10, 1997 – The campaign to build Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Ca. took another major step forward with a combined $15 million gift from Ron Burkle and The Ralph/ Food 4 Less Foundation. The donation was announced at a morning press conference on the roof terrace of the Museum of Contemporary Art, overlooking the future site of the Concert Hall.
Apr. 10, 1999 – The Disney Channel Original Movie “Can of Worms” aired.
Apr. 10, 2000 – Children’s admission was increased at Disneyland. A 10 year-old Child is considered an “adult” for the admission price of $41.00.
Apr. 10, 2001 – The official ground breaking ceremony for Walt Disney’s original Laugh-O-Gram Studio building in downtown Kansas City took place. The two-story building at 31st and Forest Streets was the site of Disney’s 1st film studio, Laugh-O-Gram which was incorporated in 1922. The five room studio which occupied 11 employees is where Walt befriended that very special mouse. With the buildings roof collapsing and boarded up windows, Disney enthusiasts hoped to preserve and restore the building and establish a museum on site.

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