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Apr. 9, 1987 – The “Disney Traders” Shop opened in World Showcase Plaza in Epcot at WDW.
Apr. 9, 1989 – The Disney 2-part TV movie “Parent Trap III” aired. (Part-2 aired Apr. 16, 1989)
Apr. 9, 1990 – The Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club’s serial “Just Perfect” began airing. (Ended May 4, 1990)
Apr. 9, 1991 – The barbershop quartet The Dapper Dans sang “The Star Spangled Banner”, at the home opener of the California Angels verse Seattle Mariners baseball game.
Apr. 9, 2000 – The Wonderful World of Disney aired the TV movie “Angels in the Infield.”
Apr. 9, 2002 – The El Capitan Entertainment Centre (now owned by Disney) was declared a historic landmark by the city of Los Angeles, Ca. The El Capitan Theatre opened on May 3, 1926, as “Hollywood’s First Home of Spoken Drama”.
Apr. 9, 2002 – Disney purchased the radio station WBWL 600am in Jacksonville, Fl. Within the next 3 months the station would become a Radio Disney affiliate.
Apr. 9, 2003 – The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences presented the 8th Marc Davis Lecture on Animation “Frank and Ollie: Drawn Together”, featuring Disney legends Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, Ca.
Apr. 9, 2003 – Cast and crew of the hit TLC TV series “Trading Spaces” visited WDW to tape segments for a future episode that will feature 4 WDW cast members and their homes.
Apr. 9, 2005 – Disneyland Paris launched “Space Mountain: Mission II” to the public. The decade-old roller coaster had been upgraded with new wagons and a faster launch catapult.

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