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04-08-2007, 11:50 AM
How is the Wilderness lodge trasportation to the Magic Kingdom via the Boat, how much time do we need to plan to get to and from the Magic kingdom?:mickey:

04-08-2007, 11:58 AM
The boats come by about every 20 minutes or so and the ride to the MK is about 15 minutes direct (or a bit more if the boat stops at Contemporary first).

There is a also a boat that goes to FW after WL, so you'll want to ask to make sure you get on the correct boat for your destination.

04-08-2007, 01:02 PM
As with all WDW transportation, allow plenty of time to get from A to B. Having said that, the boat is definitely the way to go! We chose it everytime during our last trip - it makes it just that more special!

04-08-2007, 02:13 PM
When we stayed at WL the boat seemed very quick indeed for it's trip to the MK. We never waited that long. I would say that 15 minutes is probably a good estimate for the trip. Our boats never stopped at the Contemporary first, but sometimes it did stop at Fort Wilderness.

The boat is definitely great. It's really nice if you happen to be one of only a couple people on board. We had a great conversation with a CM one time like that. If you're going to sit at the front of the boat be sure to hang on to your hat, or wear a hat if you don't want the wind blown look. It may not seem like it, but the boats do go fast enough to create a stiff breeze when traveling between destinations.

04-08-2007, 02:30 PM
The boats at WL operate on a very flexible schedule. There are a couple of routes and you never really know where your boat will go next. Sometimes, the loop is MK-WL-FW-MK. Sometimes it's MK-FW-WL-MK, sometimes there is a direct boat between MK-WL, other times not. There is a boat that goes from WL-FW-Contemporary, but that one does not go to MK. The MK boat never stops at the Contemporary.

It can take a long time, just to wait for the boat. The actual time moving on the water is about 5 min from WL to MK. What takes time is waiting for the boat, then waiting for it to dock, then waiting for the passengers to disembark, then waiting for passengers to embark, then waiting for the boat to pull out, etc.

The trip, at its fastest (assuming the boat is waiting for you on the dock and people are already getting on), is about 10 minutes. At its longest, about 30.

04-08-2007, 02:41 PM
I loved taking the boat from WL to MK; it was relaxing and fun. I'll take a boat over a bus any day.

04-08-2007, 07:40 PM
I thought it was okay...it's a nice trip but be careful on EMH mornings at MK, the MK boat does not start until 7:30 AM, so if you want to be super early take the CR boat from WL and walk to MK.

04-09-2007, 08:09 AM
I loved the boat and another thing to keep in mine when you take the bus it is a considerable walk from the bus stop compared to the boat landing. I rather wait for a boat with a much shorter walk in the evening for sure. The only catch here is the wait time can be a bit long compared to the bus wait. But IMHO worth the wait over being shoved and squeezed to death on a bus that is overly crowed.