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Tomorrowland Arcade is a feature in VMK that allows you to play three special mini-games in a new window. You can get there from the Tomorrowland Hub. The games first appeared on 10/12/05.


Airlock Escape: (See Post #2)

Completion of all fifteen levels will award a Deep Sea Diving Boots, Deep Sea Diving Jacket, and Deep Sea Diving Trousers.

Blast in Space: (See Post #3)

Game first appeared on 10/12/05. During the first few days, the prize was a complete yellow/orange spacesuit (the same spacesuit that was sold during the Disneyland 50th Anniversary Celebration Weekend). On 10/15/05, a third ship was added (originally called the Star Tours ship, but it was renamed Star Speeder 3000 a few days later). On 10/17/05, the prize for beating the game was changed to the spacesuit and a yellow HKDL chair. On 9/1/06, the prize was changed to Tron Arcade Cabinet.

Hyperspace Mountain: (See Post #4)

Game first appeared on 11/8/05. The prize when the game first premiered was a Space Mountain Guest Room. On 9/1/06 was changed to a Tron Chair and a Tron Table.

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How to Play

Drag the arrows from the bottom left panel, to the playing field with your mouse.

Once you like the placement of your arrows, press the GO button.

You can move arrows once you've put them down and if you don't like how you've set up your grid, just press the "reset" button.

You can also drag arrows into the trash bin if you've picked them up by mistake.

If your character runs into the edge of the grid they will just bounce back and keep on going.

Holes will prove to be deadly... Unless you put a balloon in front of it.

The numbers on the balloons and arrows let you know how many of each you have left for each puzzle.

Avoid disaster plates as well as holes by using your balloons and arrows.

Red arrows can be used multiple times while blue ones disappear after you touch it.

When you walk over a tele-square, you will be transported to the other one of its kind.

Pick up coins for bonus points.

Pick up keys to open the airlock door to the next level... good luck!

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The controls for this game are simple. You can move forwards or backwards using the Up and Down arrow keys. You can rotate the ship left or right using the Left or Right arrow keys. To fire, press or hold the space bar.

Choosing a Vehicle
There are three types of vehicles you can select in Blast in Space: the Flying Saucer, the Rocket Ship, and the Star Speeder 3000. There are four attribute categories:

The shield bar is divided into approximately five equal segments. All three ships start off the game with the same amount of shields (top bar below). If you crash directly into an asteroid going at full speed, all three ships lose three units of shield (middle bar below). At the start of the next level, all three ships gain one unit of shield (last bar below).
It turns out that all three ships can fire the same distance. All three ships can fire 50 shots in 12 seconds.
Although the flying saucer rotation animation seems a bit smoother since it appears to rotate in place, all three ships can make 10 revolutions in 13 seconds. The flying saucer may have a slight advantage because it is smaller, but that's the only real.
Each ship can complete this journey in 16 seconds.

Types of Levels
There are three types of levels in the game:
Scoring Levels:
Have to score a minimum number of points within a certain time limit
Checkpoint Levels:
Have to visit each of the five stations within a certain time limit
Delivery Levels:
Have to deliver a certain number of cargo containers from one level to another within a certain time limit
Game Levels:
There are 16 total levels in the game, as shown below (10 Scoring levels, 3 Checkpoint levels, and 3 Delivery levels). Each level gets progressively harder by increasing the number of points you have to score, increasing the number of items you have to deliver, and/or changing the time limit. However, the asteroid patterns in each level are exactly the same.

Level 1 - Time: 1:30 - Score 3,000 or more
Level 2 - Time: 1:30 - Score 4,000 or more
Level 3 - Time: 1:00 - Reach all 5 Space Station Checkpoints
Level 4 - Time: 1:30 - Score 5,000 or more
Level 5 - Time: 1:00 - Score 3,000 or more
Level 6 - Time: 1:30 - Pick up and deliver 3 cargo units; No ammo available
Level 7 - Time: 1:00 - Score 4,000 or more
Level 8 - Time: 1:00 - Score 5,000 or more
Level 9 - Time: 0:45 - Reach all 5 Space Station Checkpoints
Level 10 - Time: 1:35 - Score 9,000 or more
Level 11 - Time: 1:30 - Pick up and deliver 4 cargo units; No ammo available
Level 12 - Time: 1:50 - Score 12,000 or more
Level 13 - Time: 0:30 - Reach all 5 Space Station Checkpoints
Level 14 - Time: 1:45 - Score 13,000 or more
Level 15 - Time: 1:00 - Pick up and deliver 4 cargo units; No ammo available
Level 16 - Time: 1:40 - Score 14,000 or more

There are five stations in the game. One of the stations appears at random during Scoring levels and contains a power-up. All five stations appear during Checkpoint and Delivery levels. The location of the five stations move around slightly during each game, but they are always in the same general location:

Station 1: Top left corner
Station 2: Middle of the board, but closer to the top than the bottom
Station 3: Top right corner
Station 4: Bottom left corner
Station 5: Bottom right corner

There are three types of power-ups in the game:

Double Shot:
Lets you shoot out of the front and back end of the ship for a short amount of time
Triple Shot:
Lets you shoot three projectiles out of the front of the ship for a short amount of time
Full Shield:
Restores your ship to full shields, regardless of how low they are
A single random power-up will appear at a random station location in each Scoring level. There are no power-ups in the Checkpoint or Delivery levels. To activate a power-up, locate the visible station in a Scoring level and run into it. The power-up will fly out of the station and appear as a yellow dot on the radar. Next, run into the power-up to receive its powers. The power-up attempts to find you and flies around the screen, but it is not too smart and lags quite a bit. If you shoot a power-up, you will hear a unique noise and it disappears. You don't receive or lose any points for this, it just goes away and doesn't return.

When you start a new level, for a split second your ship appears where you ended the previous level before it automatically moves you back to the center. So, if you end the previous level on top of a station (which you are guaranteed to do during Checkpoint and Delivery levels), you have a chance of quickly starting out on top of a station during the next Scoring level and automatically getting a power-up.

Scoring Levels:
The only way to score points in Blast in Space is to shoot asteroids. There are three different types of asteroids, and they can break into four different-sized pieces. Regardless of the color of asteroid, the points for shooting each size are the same. They are:
Size 1 (largest) - 100 points
Size 2 (next largest) - 160 points
Size 3 (next smallest) - 202 points
Size 4 (smallest) - 232 points

When you shoot an asteroid, it splits into two pieces of the next smallest size. If you are too close to an asteroid, it may just disappear rather than split. This is to your disadvantage since the smaller fragments are worth more. When an asteroid splits, the pieces fly off in a perpendicular direction (sideways) relative to the direction the asteroid was originally traveling. One simple strategy for hitting a lot of fragments is to always fire perpendicular to the direction the asteroids are traveling. That way, the first fragment will fly directly at you, giving you an easy second hit.

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Up Arrow - Thrust upward
Left Arrow - Thrust left
Right Arrow - Thrust right

The Points
In the game you have to score a score of 25,000 points by collecting planet shaped items worth 250, 500, and 750. The higher the points are the better, but the higher the points, the more difficult it becomes for you to get them.

How To Play
The object of the game is to repair your flying saucer, and leave Hyperspace Mountain. You repair your saucer by collecting modules scattered around the nine different areas, arranged like a Tic-Tac-Toe board. To get these modules, you will need to find different upgrade packs along the way.

Flying Saucer:
You must collect gadget like pieces to make the flying saucer towards the end of the map to leave the game. You still need the amount of points I told you in the last section.

Different Power-Ups:
There are different ways to move around in this game( for example the mini jet). They will help you get flying saucer pieces, points, and more.

Save and Power Up Platforms:
The Power Up Platform refuels your fuel tank so you can last a long time. When you step on the platform to save your game you lose points. People thought this was a bug or glitch in the game, but it is not. Do not step on that platform too frequently, for it drains your points and you have to obtain enough points to win the game.

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Had a pm from somebody saying I had the wrong prize for HyperSpace Mountain. I had Tron Arcade cabinet instead of Tron Chair and a Tron Table (cut and paste error).

Thanks appreciate it. I made the update. :thumbsup: