View Full Version : Opinions on my ADR's! Plus some questions ;)

04-02-2007, 07:39 PM
For my May 10- 15 (just me and my girlfriend going, both in early twenties) trip i have these restaurants booked-

O'hana for dinner- really excited for this never been here before! I was wondering what kind of views this restaurant offers?

Chefs de France for dinner- unsure about this- sounds like good food, but i don't know about the atmosphere

Boma for dinner- the buffet sounds great, but i think my girlfriend might like Jiko better. any suggestions?

California Grill- last night of our trip, we have a very late seating so we'll be able to watch the parade and fireworks! very excited for this one!

These restaurants use up all my TS credits on the DDP, but I think I might book Garden Grill and Biergarten for lunch, and Boatwrights for breakfast since we're staying at POR.

Just wondering if anyone has any tips/ ideas/suggestions/random comments on my choices! Also, Ive never been to any of the restaurants on top before (neither has my girlfriend, a Disney first-timer!,) but i have been to all of the bottom ones a couple of times! Thanks for your help!

04-02-2007, 08:05 PM
We used to love 'Ohana - it was a must do, but since they changed the menu, it isn't a favorite, but it is still worth going to once. I personally love the drink Malibu Macaw and the desert (though I do miss the pineapple with caramel they used to serve).

We certainly love California Grill. You cannot go wrong there. We have always had a great meal, great service, and great view! I believe I had the pork tenderloin last time and it was absolutely delicious!

Have a fun trip!

04-02-2007, 08:16 PM
You have made some great choices!! O'Hanas is great (got to love that it is all you can eat). The scalloped potatoes and the bread pudding are my 2 favorite dishes.

California Grill is spectacular and VERY romantic (especially when the lights dim and the fireworks explode over the Magic Kingdom as you sip on a delicious California wine).

Go for Biergarten!! It is a very fun experience as well!!