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03-29-2007, 10:17 PM
I'll be down in Disney this June for a quick trip (hey, a quick trip beats no trip at all), and I'm trying to pick my "celebration restaurant" (I'm celebrating my birthday and graduation). It will be myself, my two friends, and my aunt (my friends and I are in our mid/late teens; my aunt is significantly older).

So, I'm excluding these restaurants for several different reasons: O'hana, Victoria and Albert's, Artist Point, California Grill, and Jiko. Hope that doesn't make things too difficult.:blush: (I left most of those out simply because I've been to them before, and I'd really like to try someplace I've never been.) Although I must admit, it's veeeeeeeery hard to leave out California Grill (I love it there, but I think it would just be too expensive for 4 adults)!

Aside from those, I'm interested in a restaurant in either one of the Disney Deluxe Resorts or at Disney's Boardwalk. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

03-30-2007, 04:28 AM
Jym's Top-7 Best Celebration Restaurants that you Haven't Been to Before:
7. Grand Floridian Café
6. Hollywood Brown Derby
5. Le Cellier
4. Citricos
3. Marrakesh
2. Wolfgang Puck Café
1. Narcoossee’s

03-31-2007, 09:48 AM
You've listed lots of good options. Try checking out some of the menus in advanced (there are lots of menus here at Intercot) to see what dishes might appeal to you. Of the restaurants you've listed, my personal favorite is Jiko's. Its not on your list but Yachtmans Steakhouse is also very good if you've never been there.