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03-28-2007, 01:43 PM
So, here we are already the first quarter of the year just about behind us (I can't believe how quick it's gone) - how are things going so far?

For me it's starting off not so great (hopefully things can only get better)....

My Mom has had at least one, possibly two, strokes.
As some of you know, my sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last year and had a lumpectomy. She started her chemo in January (treatment 6 of 8 is this Friday - we're getting there!). While overall she's it tolerating OK, she's experienced some of the worst side effects - mouth sores, extreme fatigue, nausea/loss of appetite and anemia, just to name a few. She still has radiation ahead of her once chemo is completed. Of course hearing about Elizabeth Edwards has put quite the scare into both os us!
My brother & boyfriend were both tested for diabetes (thankfully, both were negative) and my boyfriend had to go through a series of cardiac tests to look for a blockage (so far, nothing).
I found out that I have to have surgery on my foot that will keep me out of action for 8-10 weeks. I also had a biopsy (negative, thank God).
One of my cats decided to get in the action and was diagnosed with Vestibular disease.
I'm pretty sure the bank I work for is in trouble and will be "acquired" sooner rather than later.
The transmission in my SUV decided it was done - $2,500 to fix.
I think that's about it (and it's just the first three months of the year)....

I'm really hoping things will improve soon - I'm ready for some good stuff! On an up note, I'm going on my first ever cruise (Disney, of course) in Nov, but that's still seven months away! :(

I've been poking around on the boards when I have some time to get myself psyched - some days it works better than others. Disney has always been my "Happy Place"....

Anyway, I'm not trying to be a downer, just wondering how 2007 is shaping up for my fellow Intercotees! I hope everyone is off to a good start! Feel free to share...

03-28-2007, 01:50 PM
It's been a mixed bag for us thus far ... the mortgage business is in the tank and my company is worse than others due to some (GASP) poor management decisions.

This year we're getting no raises and I missed out on my bonus, which really hurt. But at the same time we're having lots of layoffs and (thus far) I haven't been affected, so I guess that's good.

On the upside, we still are doing better than many people, everyone is healthy, we had a new baby born late last year who's doing well, and some other things are coming together for us, too.

Overall it could be worse, that's for sure!

03-28-2007, 02:01 PM

03-28-2007, 02:02 PM
Eh, so-so. Nothing really bad or really good. Last year was a bad one for us- lost my job, had a car accident, many things broke down and needed to be repaired or replaced. Like Ian I work in the mortgage industry as well so just riding the tide. Definitely more bad then good. However, there may be some exciting things on the horizon here soon so I remain the optimist.

Tynkerbelle, I'm sorry to hear of what has happened so far. Things will get better and hang in there. Sometimes it feels like it's neverending though.

03-28-2007, 02:08 PM
The only thing that has hit us hard so far this year are finances but it is something weve been through before and will get through again. Both DS's have been very healthy and happy. We leave for disney in 2 days and plan on having a great time. Might have to cancel june but we will decide on that in a month or so.

03-28-2007, 02:20 PM
Wow I really need to count my blessings then.

I'll send a little (so you each get some) of my good luck your way!

While it was in 2006 it didn't come into play till Jan so I guess my raise counts, and DH got two raises this year, I have a trainee working with me and my boss is after me to expand my market and get some more money that way as well.

DS is healthy, and no major weird bills. (no babies though...but I'd be pretty stunned if one showed up!)

Here is hoping my good luck will rub off on some of you..and remember things often look darkest before the dawn.

03-28-2007, 02:38 PM
Let's see....

I became a grandfather for the first time to a healthy happy baby boy...

I didn't get laid off as did a few thousand other Sprint employees...

I spent 4 nights at Port Orleans Riverside in March celebrating my 28th wedding anniversary...

I suppose I could come up with some negative items, but why...

03-28-2007, 02:45 PM
Honestly, 2006 was a horrible year for me, especially from August to December. I went through a devastating experience that I never thought could happen to me, then add in my rotten luck moments (like broken noses! :D ) and Mike not working from November through January....and it was just one thing after another. :shake:

So far, 2007 hasn't been the type of year where something "wonderful" has happened, but it has been a year where after all I went through last year, my attitude has changed. I've learned that I'm stronger than I think, I remember to count my blessings every day, especially that we are all healthy, and I've learned that whether it's good or bad, you have to make each moment count - if it's a good moment, enjoy it! If it's a bad moment, learn from it. So, again, while we are still recovering from the events of last year (especially financially) and have a few uphill battles to face, it's all good! :mickey: We're just taking 2007 one day at a time! :)

03-28-2007, 03:01 PM
Let's see............ :confused:..... first quarter of 2007.... good or bad............ HORRIBLE better describes it !:thedolls:

Three close family member deaths ( two uncles and an aunt ) and the deaths of two dear friends all in a four week span. :(

On a positive note...... all this sadness forced us to make the decision to go to POFQ in April. :mickey: Now we just have to live long enough to get there. Wish me luck. :D

03-28-2007, 04:03 PM
Mezza-mezza, but better than last year-- so far.

2006 saw me, my cat, and my mother-in-law, all have operations, and so far, this year shows no sign of that.

However, thus far, in 2007, work has been stressful, and money has been tight, and unfortunately, the money means I'll have to work some overtime to help bail us out, which means more stress, and of course, much less sleep.

In 2006, we enjoyed a nice trip to the White Mountains, and thus far, a summer trip is out of the question unless I work the overtime.

Well, we're all healthy for the most part anyway. So I guess that's what counts.

03-28-2007, 04:44 PM
So far, so good. DH didn't get a raise at work either, so he found a new job. He starts in a few weeks. He gave his notice at his old job and they told him to leave -- immediately -- with pay. So, he's been on a month long paid vacation, plus 9 sick days pay. Not too bad.

I've put him to work. He's painted the living room, which I've been waiting 2 years to have done. So, that's good for me:thumbsup:

Found out DS4 has an above average intelligence.

I created a brand new website, which I've never ever done before, for my workplace, which went live last month. I've gotten rave reviews, so that's really good.

We are leaving on vacation in a few days to see the Cherry Blossoms in D.C. and they are *supposed* to be in bloom.

So, so far, a pretty decent year. I only hope DH's new job is everything he hopes it will be. That will seal the deal on the good year.

03-28-2007, 09:00 PM
2006 was a year of recovery for not me but my family because of Hurricane Katrina. It also made me realize how truly lucky we were.

2007 has been ok for the most part except I have an aunt who became severly ill and was not expected to make it. It was a real shock for the family because it happened so quickly. She spent 6 weeks in the hospital recovering. She is home now but not completly recovered and now requires dialysis 3 days a week. I am very greatful that both dh and I have jobs. I am also very happy that we finally have a winning football team. (Go Saints!!)

03-28-2007, 09:04 PM
The year started off GREAT! I got married on January 5th...and had my disneymoon for a week! So that was incredible!
Right before the wedding I quit my job...just wasn't a good fit, terrible working environment, etc.
I have yet to find a job :(
I go on interviews a lot...3 in the past week and a half, but no luck :(
So other than that, life is going well as a newlywed other than the job situation!

03-28-2007, 09:09 PM
I completely forgot the best part of 2007. I really can't believe I did this. My nephew returned from the Middle East. He is currently stationed in Texas so we get to see him a couple of times a year but he just found out he will be leaving in July for Alaska for three years. I am going to miss him but I am very hapy for him because he is very excited.

03-29-2007, 12:17 PM
Thanks, DVC2004 - it really does seem endless sometimes. 2006 was not a particularly good year for us either - Mom had two falls; fractured her hip (Feb.), which needed surgery and broke her femur (April) and was in a cast for two months. She developed a stage four bedsore (June) from being immobile and spent most of '06 in and out of the hospital. Then my sister was diagnosed in Nov. So it's been a rough 14 months.... I think we're all really ready for a positive change (or at least status quo)!

Pogo - I'm really sorry to hear you've lost so many loved ones in such a short time.

daparish - that's great new about your nephew coming home!

WDWacky, Marker & May524 - congratulations on your happy events!

I'm sending lots of :pixie: to all Intercotees - for those having a bad start, may things get better for you and to those that are having a good year so far, may it stay that way for the rest of '07!!

03-29-2007, 02:15 PM
Well, my uncle passed away, DH's 6-year-old granddaughter passed away, I've torn the tendon in my right foot and sprained/strained that ankle, DS17 has a new girlfriend and is trying to grow up too fast. He and I got into a big argument last night, because I told him certain behaviors will not be tolerated in my house. (he won't listen to anything I say, but isn't that typical of teenagers?)

But I must say that I'm really at peace right now. I'm sure that it is because I have many people covering us with their prayers right now, and I sense that we're going through the "refining" process so that God can do something great in our lives.

03-29-2007, 05:03 PM
Well, let's see... my DH and I went into 2007 with the plan that it would be our "year of change", and although it took awhile for things to start going, I can safely now say we're on our way, and very happy about it! :D

We decided in 2006 that we would have to do a major overhaul of our finances, if we were ever going to really start getting ahead. (Is that really even ever possible??) So - we've started with our house, which finally sold two weeks ago - and we've found a really cute, quaint little cape to rent for the next year. We had hoped to start renting in Jan., and only rent until we found a house over the summer, but since we now won't be moving until May, we're signing a year lease. The rent is low, which is great, as we'll be able to put quite a bit of money aside, and reposition ourselves for our next house. Plus, my DH is uncertain what he wants to do w/ his job, so being in a rental allows us the flexibility to move, should he decide to look outside of the area. That is our next "task" on our overhaul list - his job - and once that gets settled, we can look towards the future for wherever we end up, whether it's still here, or elsewhere. :)

So - I guess you can say that although 2007 started off a little slow & frustrating, we're in a good place now, and really looking forward to the future, even if it seems a little unknown right now! We're counting our many blessings - our family is healthy, our DD's are enjoying school and doing great, we have a fun long wknd planned in June w/ family to an indoor waterpark, etc., and a week in Maine with friends in August... and being the eternal optimist, I'm holding out for my DH to finally give the green light for Intercot's party in October. After all, after everything we'll have gone through by then - plus our anniversary is right before, and my 40th b'day is soon after - what better reasons do you need to celebrate??? :D

To all my fellow Intercotees who have had a rough start - here's a bunch of :magic: :magic: and :pixie: :pixie: to get things moving in the right direction - and thanks to Tynkerbelle, for starting this great thread! :thumbsup: It's great to see that even with all the bumps we've gone through, we all have so much to be thankful for!

03-29-2007, 05:26 PM
Well, so far 2007 has been pretty good.

At the end of December last year, we learned that our oldest DS, Max (2 1/2) is mildly autistic. :( We sort of knew all along, but actually getting a diagnosis sort of put a damper on things for a couple of weeks until we came to terms with it.

However, he has begun a new therapy program (he had been in speech therapy since 18 months of age) specifically for autistic children and he is doing great! His communication has really improved and we have realized that he is one SUPER intelligent kid. He amazes me every day, and I am just thankful that he is in good health. We can work with the autism. :)

Our youngest DS just turned one on St. Patrick's day, and we celebrated making it through the first year with no major bumps in the road. He is a happy, healthy, HUGE baby boy, almost as big as his brother who is 20 months older than him. :D On another positive note, he is so far NOT exhibiting any signs of autism, so we are confident that he is not affected with the same thing as his brother. (siblings of an autistic child have a 20% chance of also being autistic)

We had thought we would be moving this summer to Virginia so DH could attend a school in Quantico for 9 months, but we just learned that he will be attending the school in Ft. Sil, OK instead, and it's only a 5 month school. Because of that,I will be staying behind with the kids, which turns out to be better for us all. I hate moving, and was NOT looking forward to a cross country move with toddlers. Plus, uprooting Max right now is not the best thing for him, so at least we can stay put and keep him in the therapy program that he is in right now.

So, things are good. DH's selection for the school also means that he was selected to be promoted to Major in the next couple of years, so that is good for his military career. He's moving up, which is good since he wants to stay in 12 more years until he can retire.

Plus, I got to go to WDW for 6 days with my sister and dear friend, and that was a great time for us all.

I hope to be able to plan our next WDW trip as soon as we know where DH will be sent next. We should find out sometime in the summer, so until then, I'm in the "research" phase. ;)

03-29-2007, 10:47 PM
For me I'm going to say no, so far.

First my ex-boyfriend of about three years got a new girlfriend and I see them all the time together.

Then I just got my license and I got pulled over for "not fully stopping at a stop sign" which I believe it was ridiculous because I'm not that dumb not to stop when I see a cop car. Then I got another ticket for driving with a junior license to school but I didn't know I couldn't do at the time.

So, yesterday I had to go to court and I almost got my license suspended for 6 monthes but thank god I didn't because I have two jobs, and I'm only seventeen! But I do have to pay a 155 dollar fine.

Then I did something completely stupid with my friends (I'll hold off on the details) and I almost got arrested on Tuesday! I didn't but now I have to pay a heavy fine and I haven't found the guts to tell my parents yet.

My famlily is running low on money and they have to pay for my college next year and I feel so bad about it.

Oh, and I become lactose intolerant this year and now I have to go to the doctors and get all of these tests done and I can't eat basically everything my family eats anymore.

I'm also supposed to graduate High School in the beginning of June but I might have to go to summer school for Math, so we'll see what happens with that.

I also didn't fill out my college applications yet and I feel like now it's too late for me.

I just found out my best friend is anorexic and I lost another one of my best friends because she ditched us for the "messed up" girl in school and her crazy boyfriend.

That about sums it up! :(
I don't mean to be a downer but it feels really good to get that all of my chest. All of those things happens just this year! It's crazy. But I hope things start to turn around for me.

[QUOTE][I've been poking around on the boards when I have some time to get myself psyched - some days it works better than others. Disney has always been my "Happy Place"..../QUOTE]

I feel the same way!:thumbsup: