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Mar. 28, 1910 – Original Mouseketeer, Jimmie Dodd, the adult leader on “The Mickey Mouse Club”, and who wrote and composed “The Mickey Mouse Club March”, and daily opening songs, was born in Cincinnati, Oh.
Mar. 28, 1929 – Disney’s Mickey Mouse short “The Opry House” was released. It is the first time Mickey is seen wearing his trademark white gloves.
Mar. 28, 1953 – Disney released the animated Goofy short “Father’s Day Off’
Mar. 28, 1958 – The Disneyland Railroad’s newest engine; the Fred S. Gurley, was commissioned into service. Originally built in 1894 by Baldwin Locomotive Works, it was named for 1958 Santa Fe Railroad President Fred Gurley.
Mar. 28, 1992 – Disney’s syndicated TV special “Newsies! Newsies! See All About It” was released.
Mar. 28, 1994 - Disney’s Wilderness Lodge opened at Walt Disney World.
Mar. 28, 2003 – Disney’s “Piglet’s Big Movie” opened in theaters.
Mar. 28, 2003 – The “Wetzel’s Pretzels” shop and kiosk opened in Downtown Disney at WDW.
Mar. 28, 2004 – Three-time Emmy-winning, two-time Oscar winning actor, Oscar-nominated screenwriter, Grammy-winning, Narrator, and published playwright, novelist and short-story writer Peter Ustinov passed away at age 82 in Genolier, Switzerland. He starred in Disney’s 1968 live-action feature Blackbeard’s Ghost and was the voice of Prince John and King Richard in Disney’s 1973 animated feature Robin Hood.
Mar. 28, 2006 – Disney’s 2005 theatrical hit “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” was released on DVD.

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