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03-27-2007, 09:17 AM
We leave in 10 days :D (Who's counting?) DD13 is planning on buying 10 DISPOSABLE cameras with her money to use at WDW. It would seem to make more sense to me to spend a little more (with my help maybe) and get an inexpensive digital camera that she could continue using after our trip. She is at that "picture-taking" age. DD16 already has a digital, but is not great about sharing. :nope:
We would want something pretty basic and inexpensive:, as something could happen to it (13 can be a clumsy age). :medic:
Is this a good idea or should she stick with disposables? What cameras should I consider?:confused:

Thanks for all the good advise while I've been planning this trip! It's gonna be great!!

03-27-2007, 10:05 AM
I believe there are disposable digital cameras you can purchase as well but I'm not familiar with them at all.
For me though, I figure if I'm going to spend the money I might as well get something decent. Why not check at Best Buy? I always find the salespeople there to be most helpful and knowledgeable and they don't work on commission so there's never been any high pressure sales pitch. Just tell them what you're looking for and who it's for.
I don't know how much throwaway cameras cost but if she's looking to get 10 of them I think with a little help from mom and dad you could get a fairly decent digital. You'll probably need an extra media card as well if DD is going to take lots of pictures, unless you have a way to download the pictures off the camera when the card gets full.
One thing I love about the digital is that if my picture doesn't come out or I don't like it I can just delete it right away.

03-27-2007, 10:43 AM
I think I would go with the digital. I priced out the disposibles for DD7 last year and 10 of them comes to something like $50+. Kodak seems to be a good first digital camera for someone her age and has some models that aren't really expensive and they seem to be pretty durable - they are also pretty easy to use. DD11 uses an older model Kodak and has good success with it. I use a Canon and love it but it's bulky and heavy and was a little pricey. My Dad has a small pocket-sized Nikon (also a little pricey) which takes pretty nice pics but he hasn't yet found a setting for action shots and those are often pretty blurred. Something in the 3 - 4 megapixel range should be adequate for her needs and will also keep your costs down. If you want a zoom, opt for the optical zoom since it actually brings the lens closer to the subject. Like Jeanne said, you will probably need additional storage media and battery life may be a concern. I prefer a camera that takes "regular" batteries so I can replace them quickly in a pinch - our Kodak has a "dedicated" battery meaning that it only fits in the Kodak camera and we have to carry around a fully charged spare. In my experience locally, the guys at Best Buy seem to know a lot about the cameras and don't put you under a lot of pressure to buy. Circuit City's website offers customer reviews for the cameras they stock. If you decide on a digital camera, make sure that you buy a nice little padded camera case to store it in when not in use and keep it in there even if carrying it around in another bag. It will protect the screen and prevent accidentally turning it on and depleting the battery life. Good luck with your decision!

03-27-2007, 11:04 AM
I have been looking for something for my DS as well......he is younger (5), but he is SO wanting to take pictures. I just got a new Canon 30D and there is NO WAY he is going to touch that thing!!! I'm getting to my point here....

Last December when we were in the World, I had taken one of our Kodak Easyshares with me....yeah, I took a big leap to the Canon.....and DS had been doing pretty well with holding the camera here at home, so when he asked if he could take a pic of me by the archway at Epcot, I indulged him.....I wrapped the strap around his little arm so it would not fly off if he jumped up and down as he quite frequently does, I think he's part Tigger!, and I instructed him to hold the camera just like we do at home and snap the pic. Well, he did snap the pic and he did exactly as I had instructed him NOT to do, he started jumping up and down with excitement that "I got it mumma, I got your picture"......well, in that split second, the camera went flying.....all over the sidewalk, and I mean ALL over the sidewalk. The battery went flying, the memory card popped out, and the camera was laying in another spot! I about flipped, well I did a semi flip :mad: . A very nice CM at a merch. cart nearby saw the whole thing and came over and asked if my cam was OK, I told her once I got all the pieces picked up I'd see, but I doubted it would live. She handed my DS a strip of Mickey stickers about a mile long to make him feel better, b/c by this time he was just so apologetic he could not do or say anything else, he knew he broke the camera. Well, I called DH and told him to "talk me off the ledge" and he asked why.....I recounted the story and handed the phone to DS while I put the camera back together and powered it OFF, b/c it was still "ON". It powered off and back on, but when I went to look at the picture DS had taken it said the file could not be read......well, in my madness I was pretty disgruntled and just powered it on and off a few more times before I decided to scroll through the stored pictures, which by the way were ALL there and fine, except the fated dropped camera picture, we only lost ONE shot, the camera was put back together and all was well........Well, the camer I'm happy to report went on to take MANY more pics and while it is a bit slower to "warm up" and recover between shots, IT WORKS. It is like a Timex........took a licking and kept on ticking!!!

Our other Kodak easy share has been with DH to Iraq and back and survived concussion blasts and is still going strong!!

I feel that if our two cameras can survice IED blasts and a 4 yr old dropping it and spewing its insides and they both still work.......I think your 13 y/o can handle one and it'll be fine......

What we have is: Kodak CX6330. It's a 3.1MP and has a 10x Optical zoom......it's a great camera!!! I have a hard time getting used to the new Canon 30D I have now, I love the camera THAT much!!! And, I'm taking both with us in May.....I have the feeling the Kodak will be with me more -- IT fits in my pocket!!

03-27-2007, 02:03 PM
digital camera. allows you to review pictures and save or delete your choices. have a wonderful time !

03-27-2007, 03:15 PM
I think if you do your homework, you can get a decent camera for $80-100. And SD memory cards are a steal these days: $20 for 1GB... That's like 500 high quality pictures.


I'd spend the extra $50-$70 and get a camera that can be used many times.

Even a regualr film-based point and shoot PLUS 10 rolls of film would be cheaper than 10 disposable cameras.

Dopey's Girl
03-28-2007, 10:21 PM
As others have said, I would go with the digital as well...not only can you get a decient camera for under $100, but you don't have to pay to process pictures you don't get to see first. The disposable ones take ok pics (as long as it is daylight, the subject is close, and not moving), but you will get much better ones with a digital. Plus you won't be disposing of so much waste..another plus!

03-28-2007, 10:31 PM
I would suggest the Kodak EasyShare Camera. When I got mine years back, it was about $100, and I think it's around the same price (different model now ofcourse). The camera is VERY easy to use! One of my old co-workers daughter got one from her Christmas money and she is 10 I think and she loves it. :)