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03-26-2007, 05:58 PM
3/26-Awesome new in-game features are revealed along with the answer to last week's photo puzzle. Yavn's got the latest VMK news, now get in the know!

Dark Days Ahead

Winter is finally over and spring break is looming just around the corner – but something else is looming on the horizon, something dark and it's on the way to VMK! (Now don't skip to the good stuff yet – we're serving up some tasty info you'll want to eat up before getting to dessert!)

How to Clear a Room

Silly me, last week I forgot to tell you about one of the coolest features in the new build – the Clear Room button! Now you can send every single item you've got in a room back into your inventory with the click of a button.

Just one click of that red button – and everything in your room is placed back into inventory!

No more removing items one by one – you've got to happy about that – I know I am! Now we just need a way to sell back items in bulk!

Last Chance For EPCOT Questing

Alright, this is the last week to grab that EPCOT Guest room – in fact, you have until the end of the week to complete the 4 EPCOT Quests.

EPCOT Guest rooms only available until the end of March!

The reaction to the Quest has been phenomenal (thanks to all of you who played) if you haven't Quested, don't want to miss out! Once the EPCOT Quests are gone there's no telling when you might be able to get that EPCOT Guest Room again.

Anyone for a Makeover?

Just a quick note, the weekly Room Makeovers will now be showcased in the Event Info section on this very Newsletter page! Don't forget we're making over 2 rooms each week now – maybe your guest room is next!

Tomorrowland Quests

Another reminder for all you Questers out there – we're getting reading to re-launch the in-game Tomorrowland Quests. If you want to get another star for your Diving, Driving and Flying Pins you'll need to make sure you've completed the current in–game Quests. (Don't worry if you don't complete the Quests, you'll still be able to win the pins, but you'll only be able to get a 2nd star.)

What's it for? Flights of fancy – to the Inner-Space Shop.

Also many of you have noticed that both the Disneyland and Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland Quests have been removed from the VMK website – don't worry, they'll both be back very shortly with a brand new Quest reward – the Red Inner–Space Suit Magic Spell. (Yes, this will be coming to the Magic Kingdom too!)
Ride On!

So did you like the little image of the strange critters last week? As many of you guessed the creatures are from none other than Alice In Wonderland (and of course, the Alice In Wonderland attraction in Disneyland). But what does Alice In Wonderland have to do with VMK? Well, Alice will help kick off something brand new for VMK – Dark Ride Attractions!

The Alice dark ride – coming soon to VMK!

That's right, the Alice In Wonderland attraction (as well as one more ride… but you will have to wait to see which one!) has been lovingly recreated in VMK! (How awesome is that?!) Now, to give you an idea of how much detail went into this wonderful new addition, over 120 new furniture items have been created – just for Alice!

How do the new rides work? Well, when they open take a walk over to the brand new Fantasyland Courtyard and enter through the turnstile, pay your credits (sorry they're not free – but you may win something very cool for just riding… more on that next week!) and hop on!

The team really pulled out the stops to make the VMK versions of these attractions as faithful as possible to the Park versions. We also added some new functionality to the game to help make the current ride system work better. The main change is a new animation system that allows items (like furniture) to animate when a player passes by the object. And just like the real Park attractions – our dark ride tracks do not allow players to hop off the ride until it comes to an end!

I don't know about you ride builders out there, but every time we have a Ride-A-Thon we have to block both sides of every piece of track. One more really cool feature is the new track system can support both Fantasyland Dark Ride vehicle types, how exactly does that work? Well, the track you use to launch the ride is associated with a vehicle type – so if you place an Alice Track starter – you'll get an Alice In Wonderland Caterpillar Vehicle. Place the starter from the other ride and… well you'll see!

Hair-raising New Style

Since we're on the topic of new stuff, how about a new hairstyle for boys and girls! In honor of the new Alice in Wonderland attraction we present Alice In Wonderland hair for girls! And for the guys, a cool new surfer do – perfect if you are a fan of Troy from High School Musical.

Hair's too your new look!

Gotta Fly Now!

Well I need to get packing, literally. That plane to Asia leaves in just a few days and I've got to get my gear in gear. But before I go I'll leave you with this pretty picture and a riddle:

What do you get when you cross Dark Rides, the new Fantasyland Courtyard and a Sword In The Stone?

The thrilling answer and news from my trip to the Far East in next week's Newsletter – don't miss it!

See you in VMK,

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Fan was slow in posting. You beat him to the punch. Muahaha! :thedolls: