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    Default Fireworks from the Poly - Part Two

    Tuesday, June 19
    Today is going to be another very hot and humid day. We had pre-booked a fastpass for Tower of Terror but that was the only one we had for the day. We also thought about heading to Disney Studios on the off chance that they might do a soft opening for the Toy Story section. Having just been at Hollywood Studios a couple of weeks earlier, we decided to not go to any of the parks on this day.

    After breakfast in our room, we headed to the quiet pool and spent a couple of hours there. Once we showered and had lunch in our room, we headed to the boat dock and sailed over to the Magic Kingdom. Boats for both Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge were at the dock. We chose the Fort Wilderness boat. Fort Wilderness was the place we stayed on our very first trip to Disney World and it still holds a special place in my heart.

    Disembarking at Fort Wilderness, we walked over to the store and looked around. I was surprised that I got a musty smell as we entered the store but it only seemed to be located in that one section of the store. I was disappointed to see that the checkers barrel was no longer in the store but was relieved to see it had not gone far as it was now just outside the main doors to the store. We walked over to Pioneer Hall to check out Trail's End and Crockett's Tavern. I wish that Crockett's Tavern still functioned as a restaurant. Back when it did, we would make a point of having dinner there on our arrival night regardless of where we were staying.

    With our mini-tour completed, we returned to the boat dock and boarded a boat to Wilderness Lodge. Many trees have been cut down here to make way for the bungalows that now line the water. We walked up to the Lodge, wandered around the lobby and through the store. We noted that Whispering Canyon was quite quiet even though there were a number of diners there. While seated in the rockers by the fireplace, a family approached. They were obviously on the hidden Mickey hunt and were looking for the one on the fireplace. I knew right where it was and my spouse had forgotten. I think they overheard me guiding my spouse to the right spot as they very quickly spotted the Mickey right about then. We were thirsty so decided to check out Geyser Point Bar & Grill. We liked this location very much!!! From the bar, one can have wonderful views of the water. The tables and chairs appear to be quite comfortable though we didn't sit at a table. While it was very hot out, there was a pleasant breeze blowing through so we were quite comfortable.

    After our drink, we made our way back to the boat dock. The boat was headed back to the campground before going to the Contemporary so we took the ride back to the Fort Wilderness dock and then over to the Contemporary.

    We wandered through the shops at the Contemporary even though I had just done that the day before. We then hopped on the monorail. We didn't get off at the Poly but stayed on until we arrived at the Grand Floridian.

    Once there, we wandered through the shops there and then headed into Mizner's. We ordered a flat bread and drinks while we consumed while listening to the band play. When their set ended, we decided we would take the boat back to the Poly.

    There was a very large group of people waiting for the boat. Sub-groups began to break off and head to the monorail but there was still a large line when the first boat arrived. Strangely, that boat left with a number of empty seats. More members of the very large group splintered off to head to the monorail. The second boat driver was far better at organizing everyone and got everyone who was standing on the pier onto his boat so we were soon back at the Poly.

    Once back in our room, we once again ended our day enjoying the Magic Kingdom fireworks from our balcony.

    Wednesday, June 20
    This day is yet another very hot and humid day. We had planned to spend the day at Animal Kingdom. I changed around a couple of fastpasses I had in the morning to later in the day. Even with this, we ended up only using one of our three fastpasses on this day.

    Once again, we started our day spending a couple of hours at the quiet pool. After lunch in our room, we walked to the bus stop. I expected we would wait for a while in the quiet shade of the bus stop but, no, the Animal Kingdom bus pulled up within moments of our arrival at the stop. It never seems to work quite like that when I really want to get to a park quickly.

    When we arrived at Animal Kingdom, we headed to It's Tough to Be a Bug which had a listed wait time of 30 minutes. The wait was more like 15 minutes. When we exited, we headed to Dinosour (I was trying to pick venues which had some air conditioned time) which had a listed wait time of 30 minutes. The wait was more like 45 minutes with the first 15 minutes in line on the exterior of the ride so we were very glad to enter the building for the rest of the wait. I had thought we would go to the 3:00 showing of The Lion King following this ride but we didn't have enough time to make the walk over there. Instead, we went to Finding Nemo, entering the theater within minutes of the start of the show.

    After existing the theater, we walked over to Pandora. By time we arrived, we still had 10 minutes or so until our Flight of Passage fastpass so we found spot out of the way of traffic inside the store and waited until our fastpass time rolled around. When it was time for our fastpass, we were quickly admitted to the ride. Standby time was about 85 minutes at this point which was down from the 135 minutes it had been when we arrived at the park. While waiting to be admitted into the first room, we noted a couple of people rolling in a stretcher. We did not see where the stretcher went and do not know why one was needed. This is the second time we have ridden Flight of Passage and is the main reason we came to the park on this day.

    After we completed this ride, we decided to leave the park and head to the Grand Floridian Cafe for dinner. The skies had darkened considerably and it looked like a thunder storm was going to come through. While we did see some lightning and heard thunder, we never got any heavy rain in our location.

    We were seated immediately after checking in though we did not have a reservation. We both ordered the open face sandwich with turkey, ham, bacon, a boursin sauce and along with onion rings. This was a huge sandwich!! It was good but I couldn't possibly eat all of it.

    With dinner completed, we headed to the monorail, to find the monorail station full of people. We did not make it onto the first monorail that came through though we were able to get onto the second. We took it around to the Poly where we disembarked and headed to our room.

    Like our other evenings here, we ended our day with a viewing of the Magic Kingdom fireworks from our balcony.

    Thursday, June 21
    We had toyed with the idea of going back to Epcot this day. The weather outlook was not very good with a prediction of showers by mid-day. In the end, we decided to just pack up and make the drive home which turned out to be a good thing. Before leaving Disney World, we took one last look at the amazing view from our room and headed to our car. We arrived home to find the air conditioning had shut down. A few hours later, the technician repaired a minor problem and had us getting cool air once again.
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping

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    Sounds like another relaxing and enjoyable couple of days. Always a sad thing to come home to problems, but it was good that it was a quick fix. Thanks for the great write-ups!! Always enjoyable reading.

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    Glad you enjoyed your Poly stay! I would not have been able to do anything in the heat!
    We'll Go On....Off To Neverland


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    I forgot to mention....

    When we left our room at the end of our stay, I had not yet received my final bill so we drove over to the Great Ceremonial House so I could run in quickly and make sure our account was all settled. As we arrived outside the Ceremonial House, there was a wild turkey strutting around in front of the lobby and around bell services. I heard a cast member saying she had called to have someone come by and remove it from that area.
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping

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    It seems like a great trip! I am glad the ac problem was easily fixed. It would be rough to go without ac if it is really hot and humid.
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    Thats the best part of Disney.. after a long hot day, walking into that ac chilled resort room.

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